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a Uralic language spoken by a Samoyed of northern Siberia

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Concerning Tundra Enets and Taimyr Tundra Nenets, the situation is worse.
Our expedition team will leave its hi-tech gear behind to wear traditional Nenets clothing, eating as the herders eat and living as part of a close-knit Nenets community.
Its first oil flowed from the Ardalin field in Nenets some 125 km south of the Barents Sea.
Yet the Nenets have clearly retained their singing tradition, despite this development.
They include: Altaians, Buryatians, Dolgans, Koryaks, Kumandins, Mansi, Selkups, Tuvinians, Khakasians, Nenets, Hunts, Evenks and Russians.
5) However, among the listed prohibitive auxiliaries the Nenets no-, no- is exceptional because it does not match the general tendency in North Samoyedic as it states that the secondary n precedes palatal vowels as the o is a velar vowel.
6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- OAO NOVATEK("NOVATEK" or the "Company") today announced the results of its Board of Directors ("the Board") meeting held in Sabetta, Yamal- Nenets Autonomous District of Russia.
Anthropologists in Europe and the US explore such aspects as negotiating continuity and discontinuity in contemporary Altai, Nenets reindeer herders joining the state through conversion, the civility and pragmatism of charismatic Christians in Lithuania, encounters with Pentecostalism in Muslim Kyrgyzstan, evangelicalism as traveling culture.
Summary: MOSCOW(Cihan/RT) eI Nenets People resist to Modern life which threats their rural life.
Terescenko has asserted in her monograph on Samoyedic syntax that in three Samoyedic languages, particularly clearly just in (Tundra) Nenets and Enets, partly in Selkup--contrary to the norms valid for Finno Ugric languages--the nominative of substantives indicates the definiteness of a direct object.
The aircraft crashed near Varandei in the Nenets autonomous region, banking suddenly as it approached the airport.
Summary: MOSCOW(Cihan/RT) -- Nenets People resist to Modern life which threats their rural life.
one object) ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1976 : 326-328); Tundra Nenets indef.
FOR those of us who feel a bit inadequate watching Bruce Parry's manly exploits on Tribe each week, his experience with the Nenets of the Siberian Tundra came as something of a relief.