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a Uralic language spoken by a Samoyed of northern Siberia

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If they disappear then we Nenets will also disappear.
Tom Bodkin, director of Secret Compass, said, "In remote regions like the Gulf of Ob, the Nenets have to fight for survival and to retain their traditional livelihoods.
The venture is anticipated to serve as basis for the establishment of a new gas production centre in the Nenets Autonomous District.
5) However, among the listed prohibitive auxiliaries the Nenets no-, no- is exceptional because it does not match the general tendency in North Samoyedic as it states that the secondary n precedes palatal vowels as the o is a velar vowel.
The traditional Nenets people of the Nenets Autonomous Area are nomadic reindeer herders.
Los primeros habitantes de lo que es actualmente el distrito Autonomo Yamal Nenets aparecieron alla en la epoca mesolitica y se dedicaban a la pesca y caza.
Its first oil flowed from the Ardalin field in Nenets some 125 km south of the Barents Sea.
Yet the Nenets have clearly retained their singing tradition, despite this development.
The Nenets are Inuit-like people who inhabit the tundra in the far north of Russia.
The French and Norwegian petroleum companies Total and Norsk Hydro have each transferred a 5% interest in their stakes in the exploration of the Kharyaga oil field in Russia to the Nenets Petroleum Company.
TNGS is the leading alternative operator in the autonomous district of Khanty Mansi, with its own telecommunication infrastructure located in the autonomous district of Yamalo Nenets, 10 cities and 12 townships in the Tyumen region.
The Chairman of the Committee for Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, Yaroslav Nilov, held a number of events in the village of Krasnoe - a settlement of the Zapolyarny district of the Nenets Autonomous Area, 50 kilometers from Naryan-Mar.
For more than 1,000 years, the indigenous Nenets people have herded their reindeer around the Yamal Peninsula in search of the best grazing.