Nemophila menziesii

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delicate California annual having blue flowers marked with dark spots

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Genetic components of variation in Nemophila menziesii undergoing inbreeding: Morphology and flowering time.
Natural and artificial floral damage induces resistance in Nemophila menziesii (Hydrophyllaceae) flowers.
We assessed the determinants of two seed characters in a population of Nemophila menziesii, using the reciprocal factorial design.
Similarly, Shaw and Platenkamp (1993) found no consistent change in genetic variance with alterations in the competitive regime experienced by Nemophila menziesii.
Quantitative genetics of response to competitors in Nemophila menziesii.
To determine the potential for adaptation to a local biotic environment, we examined the magnitude and nature of genetic variation in response to neighboring plants within a natural population of the native California annual, Nemophila menziesii.
Nuclear genetic, maternal genetic and maternal environmental effects on seed characters were estimated in the California native annual plant Nemophila menziesii using two greenhouse crosses.