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a liquid exhibiting properties of a crystal that are not shown by ordinary liquids

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Furthermore, vector fields on a surface or nematic membranes, are considered simplified models to describe membranes that are more complex.
Liquid crystal is twisted and is called Twisted Nematics (TN).
The simplest theory for nematic dynamics under flow is the Ericksen model (21), written as an evolution equation for the nematic director, n, which defines the average direction about which molecules are spontaneously ordered in the liquid crystalline state:
Van Hecke, G.R.; "Phase transitions and the effects of pressure, Thermodynamics", Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals: Nematics, EMIS Datareviews Series; No.
The total internal reflection in hybrid nematic cell has been studied a time ago in a series of papers [1-3].
The excellent mechanical properties of LCPs are intimately related to the spontaneous ordering of stiff molecules in the nematic melt and the subsequent impact of processing on the overall molecular orientation state.
The liquid crystal is arranged by twisting and is called Twisted Nematics (TN).
Chiccoli et al., "Memory effects in nematics with quenched disorder" Physical Review E, vol.
However, to our knowledge, almost no attention has been paid to the possibility that the configuration of the nematic director of the LCP droplets may influence their tendency to fibrillate.
It is well known that the orientational structure of a nematic liquid crystal (NLC) placed in contact with an anisotropic substrate is essentially determined by the properties of the interfacial region, where various kinds of surface-induced ordering may exist (see, e.g., [1-3] for reviews).
Furthermore, the values (1/[Lambda])(d[Lambda]/dT) of the copolymers investigated are in the region of 0.012-0.016 (depending on copolymer composition), this exceeds three-four times the same value theoretically predicted for mixtures of low-molar-mass nematics and chiral non-mesomorphic dopants (17).
Some of the peculiar features of the rheology of LCPs have been explained assuming that these materials behave as nematics subject to director tumbling (11, 12).
Eidenschink, "New liquid crystal display with bistability and selective erasure using scattering in filled nematics," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
Specifically because the viscosity of rod-like nematics is a maximum when the molecules are aligned along the shear gradient, shear flow in the core induces molecular orientation perpendicular to t, i.e., in the u, w plane.
Topological instability of singularities at small distances in nematics. Sov.