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(Nemata: Ornithostrongylidae) from Liomys pictus (Rodentia: Heteromyidae) from Mexico, with comments on the synlophe of Vexillata armandae.
The animals were parasitized by tapeworms (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) and nematodes (Nemata).
Nemata Majeks-Walker is passionate about access to justice and the rule of law.
'Candidatus Paenicardinium endonii', an endosymbiont of the plant-parasitic nematode Heterodera glycines (Nemata: Tylenchida), affiliated to the phylum Bacteroidetes.
In her fascinating study entitled "West Indians in West Africa, 1808-1880: The African Diaspora in Reverse", Nemata Blyden explains that the impetus for hiring West Indians in the latter part of the early 19th century was to counteract the shortage of European officials employed in British West Africa, and more specifically in Sierra Leone's colonial administration.
Especie nueva del genero Carolinensis (Nemata: Heligmonellidae) de Peromyscus difficilis de Hidalgo, Mexico.
Identification of Heterorhabditis (Nemata: Heterorhabditidae) from California with a new species isolated from the larvae of the ghost moth Hepialus californicus (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) from the Bodega Marine Reserve.
(Nemata: Heteroderidae) nativo de Costa Rica: un nuevo y severo patogeno del cafeto.