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the child of your aunt or uncle

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A mind-boggling assortment of life-size fiberglass animals, including elk, buffalo and bears -- which Neice fabricates himself -- are a hit near and far.
The goal of NEICE is to improve administrative efficiency in the exchange of case files and information, to demonstrate savings in postage cost and storage, and most important, to shorten decision and placement timeframes for children involved in the interstate process.
I haven't been able to speak to Kieren as he left before the decision was made to take up his rides at Folkestone, but I'm disappointed we didn't get the entirety of the suspension lifted," said Mac Neice.
With a general Old West theme, much of the stuff at The Barnyard is built by Neice, including buggies, totem poles and figures of horses and longhorns.
Jamie Stier must now explain himself' PJA lawyer Rory Mac Neice
NEICE is shortening the time children spend waiting for permanent families, it is also saving caseworkers precious time and it is saving states money.
In addition to his grandchildren he leaves three great-grandchildren, Owen, Eamon and Jordan and several nieces and nephews including a special neice, Susan O'Donnell.
The talented list of entrants will include the British number one Ben Maher as well as Robert and Ellen Whitaker, son and neice of legendary rider John Whitaker.
Maria's neice Nadia Fletcher added: "Paolo told me afterwards that he was more nervous singing in front of his family than at any of his shows.
My Dad takes my neice and two dogs there every day for a walk and to feed the animals.
His neice Caroline said the family were very worried but were hoping for good news soon.
His only daughter, Kara, is battling lung cancer, his wife, Victoria, is recovering from serious injuries and his neice, Kerry, was recently involved in a sensational sex scandal which was all over the front pages of US tabloids.
A reporter investigates the story following the death of her neice and predictably, once she has found the tape just can't resist taking a peek.
And Rory Mac Neice, the Professional Jockeys Association lawyer who raised concerns that the BHA was a client of Matthew Lohn 12 months before he was chosen to chair the Best inquiry, said an explanation should be an absolute priority to repair the reputational damage the affair has wrought on the disciplinary function.
All 52 jurisdictions within the compact will be able to use the NEICE by mid-2018.