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Indian statesman and leader with Gandhi in the struggle for home rule

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At the Defence Committee meeting on the morning of 25 October, Nehru urged resistance and Patel advocated Delhi's support.
The BJP leader said: "Nehru committed the crime of announcing ceasefire in war with Pakistan at the time when Indian forces were driving out the Pakistani infiltrators from Jammu and Kashmir, due to which one-third of the portion (PoK) remained with Pakistan."
The second card--which was printed on behalf of Motilal Nehru to invite guests at his Allahabad residence, Anand Bhavan, reads: "It is expected that you and your family members will participate in the ceremony of the scheduled marriage of my son Jawaharlal Nehru with the daughter of Jawaharmal Mull Kaul, resident of Delhi on February 7, 1916 and on February 8 and 9, 1916; and give us the privilege of your auspicious company.
And Nehru never forgot that he derived his authority from the people of India; not only was he astonishingly accessible for a person in his position, but he started the practice of offering a daily darshan (audience) at home for an hour each morning to anyone coming in off the street without an appointment, a practice that continued until the dictates of security finally overcame the populism of his successors.
Patel and Nehru were towering personalities who worked together for India.
'I think it was a little bit self-centred attitude of Pandit Nehru that he should be the prime minister.
The Dalai Lama, however, apologised for the remarks on Friday and thanked Nehru for supporting the Tibetans' cause when thousands of them, including monks, fled their motherland after China annexed the mountain country in 1950.
After Independence, Nehru faced criticism from two fronts, the Hindu right and the communists.
While in a broadcast on All India Radio, Nehru said, 'And let me make it clear that it has been our policy all along that where there is a dispute about the accession of a state to either Dominion, the accession must be made by the people of that state.'
On the Indian side, Nehru was dominating Indian National Congress which was the single largest political entity in India.
Nehru and Rolland would meet a few more times and they would keep writing letters to each other.
"Pundit Nehru was aware of this and he strongly advocated for a complete freedom to the Naga - but remaining inside the Indian Union," he added.
These events taken as a whole" observed Nehru have shown a picture of all Muslims irrespective of their position or standing or residences being hunted down and killed wherever possible.
New Delhi: Seeking to reassert Jawaharlal Nehru's legacy, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday said secularism is a compelling necessity for a country as diverse as India.