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I don't know whether it's something in my psyche, or karma from another life - but I do have a real problem with people of negroid features.
But there was something very special about her: the shape of her skull, her nose, her lips, were like those of a white person, with nothing negroid .
Use of costal cartilage cantilever grafts in negroid rhinoplasties.
000 people, most of them of negroid groups; 96% of this population describe themselves as black (raizal, palenquero, black, mulatto, AfroColombian or afro-descendant).
Count Keyserling was right when he said that American civilization was already markedly Negroid.
13) Similarly, the head of a figure of one of the servants of the mythological Egyptian king, Busiris, is excerpted from a larger scene on a red-figure vase in an argument illustrating that the Greeks could accurately represent, and therefore were familiar with, both 'pure' negroid types and 'black-white crosses' (Fig.
fearing secretly the few times I had come into contact with the rough stubble-like quality of the pubic, which was Negroid and therefore a little rougher, tho not enough to make any difference, and the insides itself I should say the best, the richest, most fecund moist warm and full of hidden soft slidy mountains.
For instance, he refers to "the four races-Indians (referring to Indigenous People), Europeans, Africans, Asians," "mixed race products," and the majority of African-Americans carrying "caucasoid as well as negroid genes.
He has studied this science for some time and knows well that the Negroid type has developed a capacious skull to accommodate the growth of a large brain which has produced the defining features of this type: "ambition, selfmotivation, resourcefulness, self-discipline, courage, moral integrity, spiritual enlightenment and community responsibility" (119).
One likes to cherish illusions about the race soul, the eternal negroid soul, black and glistening and touched with awfulness and with mystery.
Idiopathic epilepsy with generalized tonic clonic seizures in Antioquia, Colombia: Is the joint amerindian and negroid racial admixture the cause of its high prevalence?
30) Analyzing and classifying race in a biological or scientific context under the Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid classifications has been rejected by social scientists and anthropologists alike.
It is partly colored and that explains, the slightly Negroid mannerisms of the American.