Negro race

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57) Both articles appear in Edward Wilmot Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, With an Introduction by the Hon.
2) Traitors at the top--"The traitor of other races is generally confined to the mediocre or irresponsible individual, but unfortunately, the traitors among the Negro race are generally to be found among the men highest placed in education and society, the fellows who call themselves leaders" [1:29].
Webster Davis, The Industrial History of the Negro Race of the United States (Richmond, Va.
An Essay in the History and Sociology of the Negro Race.
Miller states "I have known and in a measure have touched and been touched by the great men and measure who have shaped the destiny of the Negro race.
The time, it is to be hoped, is now not far distant when Africa will be relieved from the oppression, degradation, and misery of this impious commerce; when arresting the progress of that system of fraud, treachery and violence, which converts a large part of the habitable globe into afield of warfare and desolation, this nation shall begin to atone the negro race for the accumulated wrongs .
He retired from public life and worked for seven years researching and writing his monumental A History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880.
Du Bois, outlining his beliefs in God, the Negro race, the devil, pride, the Prince of peace, service, liberty for all men, the training of children and patience.
The argument that "the proximity of the Negro race to good property means its undoing" was by far the most oft-repeated mantra of segregationists, from the leadership to the grassroots.
To consider slavery in relation to the Negro race alone is total humbug and the present day imposters would be rendering God and mankind better service if they emphasised that their emancipation was brought about largely as a result of the efforts of such true Christians as William Wilberforce.
In 1969, according to The New York Times, Lott drafted a letter for Colmer lamenting "enactment of legislation unduly favorable to the Negro race.
It shall be unlawful for any amateur white baseball team to play baseball on any vacant lot or baseball field within two blocks of a playground devoted to the Negro race.
His statement that, "The Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men," (9) was anathema to a number of blacks on the Left.