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an ideological position that holds Black culture to be independent and valid on its own terms

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The filmmaker's critique of Negritude concentrates not only on the symbolic frisson of postcolonial architecture but on the sphere of mass media and identity formation as well.
Le courant moderniste de la Renaissance de Harlem et du mouvement New Negro, tout comme les debuts de la negritude francophone reste donc ignore de la NRF Cela tient a plusieurs raisons.
That is indeed, an interesting connection, because Cesaire who as you know was a co-founder of Negritude along with Senghor was interviewed in the last issue of Black Renaissance.
Choosing wisely the definition of negritude as a "concrete coming to consciousness," Professor John focuses on the work of three writers, Lovelace, his compatriot Merle Hodge and the "Antiguan expatriate" Jamaica Kincaid.
Les themes propages sont principalement la valorisation de la negritude, la participation familiale aux activites et la resistance noire, incarnee par Zumbi, chef mythifie d'un celebre quilombo(4).
On the one hand, this epic novel "speaks of Segu outside of Segu," tying Conde directly to the Negritude movement.
French-speaking Martiniquais poet and playwright, cofounder with Leopold Sedar Senghor and Leon Damas of Negritude, an influential movement to restore the cultural identity of black Africans.
You pass people squatting around a circular communal dinner pot in a square room of the horizontal tenement, where the water is polluted by the drainage from tourist hotel sewage pipes, where the people are force-fed feces, you smell the fruit of negritude.
What recurs through this collection is an argument for the reclamation of the manifold resources of cultural history: see, for example, Achebe's rescinding of the negative verdict pronounced upon negritude, or, Essop Patel's exploration of precolonial Khoisan aesthetics as a foundation of contemporary oppositional culture.
Together they organized the magazine L ' etudiant noir (1934), which became the first voice of negritude, the movement of pride in African culture that was to have a profound, revitalizing effect on black thinking and writing.
A historia dos APNs nos tem ensinado que as conquistas da negritude necessitam ser alimentadas a cada dia, considerando sempre os diversificados contextos sociais e politicos.
The Rise of Black Artists, the second of two books on the twentieth century and the final volume in The Image of the Black in Western Art, takes on important topics ranging from urban migration within the United States to globalization, to Negritude and cultural hybridity, to the modern Black artist's relationship with European aesthetic traditions and experimentation with new technologies and media.
Among Cesaire's literary critics few venture beyond the oft-quoted line from his Notebook of a Return to the Native Land: "Haiti where negritude rose for the first time.