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relating to or characteristic of or being a member of the traditional racial division of mankind having brown to black pigmentation and tightly curled hair

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Negri scored 11 goals in his first 11 games in total - three more than Morelos - whose record compares favourably over a similar number of games with Kris Boyd (8), Shota Arveladze (7) and Michael Mols (9).
An infamous eye injury cost Negri the chance to lead Rangers to 10 in a row and the loss of his peripheral vision compromised a career that had drawn admiring glances from Italian team boss Cesare Maldini during his time in Scotland.
We are honoured to have the first world-wide demonstration of these two new models," said Alan Dodds, Negri Bossi UK General Manager.
Kingsbury focuses on bringing the mold machine business back to the US while continuing the Negri Bossi brand.
8220;We are happy to have Negri Electronics become a part of the First Ascent family,” said Louis.
However, she notes how Negri was a victim of the common tendency of critics of the period to associate lack of stylistic complexity with lack of formal education.
Finding normal development despite disaster opens up a new range for experiments, says Negri.
Para Negri el capital y el Estado soberano se presentan como un biopoder, en el contexto en que actua se define como biopolitico y es el que atraviesa los modos de vida, crea relaciones y formas sociales.
Un centinaio di testi epistolari--oltre una sessantina della Negri, la meta del Buzzi; 57 inediti e 40 riediti--formano questo volume di "diorami lombardi," un carteggio cinquantennale che testimonia la lunga e profonda amicizia, la collaborazione artistica, una comunanza di sentire nell'opera dei due poeti lombardi.
Reading Negri: Marxism in the Age of Empire" analyzes the work of modern Marxist philosopher Antonio Negri and its impact on today's world.
Antonio Negri, The Labor of Job: The Biblical Text as a Parable of Human Labor (Durham, NC: Duke University Press 2009)
Particularly in light of his work with Michael Hardt in Empire, Multitude, and more recently, in Commonwealth, not to mention a wealth of publications over the last twenty or so years, Negri has worked to redefine the terms of a potential political-economic emancipation along (neo-)Marxist lines.
This is a book-length conversational dialogue between influential Italian Marxist political philosopher Antonio Negri and Cesare Casarino, a professor of cultural studies and comparative literature at the U.
Negri coloca el acento, de este modo, en aquellos desfavorecidos por la arbitraria configuracion estatal moderna.
Indeed ironically it may have been Hardt and Negri, those radically democratic and secular socialists, who kicked me into the evangelical register, when they noted: "People today seem unable to understand love as a political concept, but a concept of love is just what we need to grasp the constituent power of the multitude.