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KANEISHA: You don't think I'm a lazy negress Massa--
Instead their identities have been hidden behind 'unnecessary racial references' such as negress or mixed-race 'mulatresse' - which comes from the French word for mule.
Only one of the four black characters was a woman: the "grinning" "negress" Dona Maruca ("The Fruit-Cart Venture"--1928, 15).
Declaring that men innately take pleasure in ownership, be it of "a piece of land or a man with curly black hair," Woolf insists on the relative restraint of her white countrywomen, positing that "it is one of the great advantages of being a woman that one can pass even a very fine negress without wishing to make an Englishwoman out of her" (2000, 39).
It follows the video through 17 paintings and sculptures which feature in the six-minute clip, going from the monumental white Greek marble "Nike of Samothrace" to Marie Benoist's "Portrait of a Negress".
Borrowed Voices joins a range of helpful previous works on Jews, literature, and race, such as Eric Sundquist's Strangers in the Land: Blacks, Jews, Post-Holocaust America (2005), Rachel Rubinstein's Members of the Tribe: Native America in the Jewish Imagination (2010), and Lori Harrison-Kahan's The White Negress: Literature, Minstrelsy, and the Black-Jewish Imaginary (2011).
[...] I never saw him impregnating the Negress with children, but I watched the cabras muttering, begging him for his blessing, and I saw him hovering about Quiteria's room on tiptoe, interesting himself in the black boys as if they were his own.
Verdelle is the author of The Good Negress. She teaches creative writing in the English Department of Morgan State University, and teaches fiction and revision in the Lesley University low-residency MFA program in Cambridge, MA.
In other cases, the essay's place in the volume is questionable because the discussion presents already well-rehearsed material (Gaura Narayan's "Sex and Literary History in Orlando" falls into this category), or explores a topic only tenuously connected to Woolf and her work (for example, Jeanne Dubino's "Kenya Colony and the Kenya Novel: The East African heritage of 'A Very Fine Negress' in A Room of One's Own").
And rum, champagne, brandy, and beer-- spur a helluva lot of Negress tomfoolery-- to stud Uncle Sam's only Creole state-- Mulatto and sambo and griffes* and catchumas[??]....
However, her multicultural upbringing had no effect on racist tweeters who posted messages like, "Blacks out, Ireland for the Irish," and referred to her as a "negress" among several other offensive slurs.
A canvas by Simon Maris, for instance, which was formerly catalogued as The Little Negress, will now be known as Young Woman with a Fan.
Also, the work analyzes daring performances of alterity staged by "ancient negress" Joice Heth and fugitive enslave person Ellen Craft, seminal artists Adrian Piper and Howardena Pindell, and contemporary visual and music artists Simone Leigh and Nicki Minaj.
the "Perverted Negress," believes that "the prime motive
A similar fate awaited another slave living on the same estate: the "negress" Acuba, who, after manumission, would find herself served by her own child, a son named Cuacu.