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He then sought the coolest room and stretched himself on a pallet in his shirt and trousers, with a negress at his head and another at his feet to keep off the flies .
Its immortal heroine traverses not only centuries and gender roles, but also ethnic and racial categories as well: it is in Constantinople that s/he becomes female--a change that precipitates her joining a band of Gipsies--and it is the shared fantasy of "kissing a negress in the dark" that crystallizes the sexual empathy between the protagonist and her equally androgynous lover, Shelmerdine (ibid 258).
The Mite Negress demonstrates that once we begin to look at women's engagement with "cross-cultural exchange" (p.
17) Amidst the sights and bustling sounds of urban commercial life that signal Popeye and Temple's arrival in Memphis, the vice district and the famed black metropolis, settings for Temple's captivity and debasement, are metonymically figured as a black prostitute: "On a second storey gallery a young negress in her underclothes smoked a cigarette sullenly, her arms on the balustrade" (277).
Scybale, the female African companion of Pseudo-Virgil's Moretum, however, becomes a large-breasted oddity or an old negress servant at the hands of early twentieth-century translators.
Percepied's reproduction of particularly forceful stereotypes reflects the racially biased attitudes of the 1950s: "every time I see a Mexican gal or Negress I say to myself, 'hustlers'" (1966: 129).
Even the memory or imagination of a song is linked to a woman; Paul imagines a plantation scene from a Georgia that he has probably never seen and inserts in it a Negress singing a lullaby (73).
Hear curator Gary Garrels in conversation with artist Kara Walker about her 1999 work entitled "No mere words can Adequately reflect the Remorse this Negress feels at having been Cast into such a lowly state by her former Masters and so it is with a Humble heart that she brings about their physical Ruin and earthly Demise.
pointing to the lack of reference to black motherhood and childhood in a sentimental era that celebrated both: "Does the negress bear no children?
In the 1994 mural Gone, An Historical Romance of a Civil War as It Occurred Between the Dusky Thighs of a Young Negress and Her Heart (Fig.
Kincaid would undoubtedly object to Woolf's construction of the female subject as white, British, and colonial in her comment in A Room of One's Own that "it is one of the great advantages of being a woman that one can pass even a very fine negress without wishing to make an Englishwoman of her" (50).
All cut from black paper by the able hand of Kara Elizabeth Walker, an Emancipated Negress and leader in her Cause is the unnerving title of the room-size work that simultaneously jolts and seduces you as you step out of the elevator to witness the first full-scale museum survey of Walker's work.
The first of three large silhouette murals that the visitor confronts, Gone, A Historical Romance of a CivilWar as it Occurred between the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart (1994), sums up the entire show.
Place in your mind such a negress by the side of an Aspasia, and you may perceive as intensely as it is possible for you to perceive it, how far asunder lie the human families; how wide the gulf which separates two such beings.
The premise is that there are auditions being held for Black Beauty: America's Next Top Negress, which is a reality television show where 10 black women live in a house together for 30 days.