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a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative)

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24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fusion IONZ has been developing cutting edge negative ion and FAR Infrared technology since 2010.
Detailed compositional comparison of acidic NSO compounds in biodegraded reservoir and surface crude oils by negative ion electrospray Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry.
The facility will have two test stands, one for testing negative ion sources and one for testing a full-size, one-megavolt ITER neutral beam injector.
It delivers high positive and negative ion output with an effective range of 6" or more from the target surface.
The Waters Quattro Premier XE includes the improved WHISPER dynolite photomultiplier detector, which reduces detector noise in both negative and positive ion modes and improves instrument sensitivity in negative ion mode.
Papers are in sections on neutral beam systems, fundamental processes, hydrogen and deuterium negative ion sources, applications, and extraction, acceleration, transport, and neutralization of ions.
In an earlier study linked to an investigation of why negatively charged ions kill bacteria, Goheen found that discharging a negative ion source into a flask containing a little water created ozone in the neighborhood of 1,500 parts per billion (ppb)--vastly higher than the U.
It relies on the fact that carbon-14 readily forms a negative ion, whereas nitrogen-14, its closest competitor for mass selection, does not.
Purify Your Air Portable air purifiers and negative ion producing devices are highly effective at removing airborne particles like mold, dust, tobacco smoke and pet dander.
Ion trap mass spectrometer with robust computer controlled ESI source allowing positive and negative ion detection and with minimal adjustment and easy maintenance.
com)-- Fusion IONZ, makers of the popular Fusion IONZ negative ion bracelets recently commissioned a double blind, placebo controlled, board certified clinical trial conducted by the Energy Medicine Research Institute.
The Plasmacluster Ion technology in Sharp fridges creates a positive and negative Ion shower that recreates the natural chemical process that purifies the air in the fridge and effectively breaks down and inactivates harmful airborne substances and odors; this means that food in the fridge will have a longer shelf-life.
IMS can operate in positive or negative ion mode for narcotics or explosives detection, respectively.
In addition to examining traditional topics, such as NMR and mass spectrometry, the book discusses emerging techniques including negative ion mass spectrometry.
Because these precursors release silica as a negative ion and DNA is coated with negatively charged chemical groups, the researchers modified the DNA by decorating it with linear hydrocarbon molecules that were positively charged on both ends.