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The coupon rate was set in an auction for the sovereign debt amid heightened scrutiny over the sustainability of Japan's public finances that followed recent negative credit rating actions by two of the three major rating agencies in the world.
"With no sign of a sales recovery, and with credit default concerns and depressed asset prices keeping UK life earnings under pressure, Fitch is maintaining its negative credit rating outlook for the sector."
Closely manage companies with a negative credit rating. Call them before payment is due to check that everything has taken place as agreed and to determine if you need to establish a payment schedule.
Illinois, which hosted "The Dark Knight," now faces a $50 billion public pension deficit and has a negative credit rating with Standard & Poor's.
A poor credit report can lead to a negative credit rating, which in turn can result in a denial of a home or car loan, apartment rental or even a job.
Agency initiates preliminary enquiry against IDBI Bank for `950cr bad loan to Kingfisher Airlines ignoring negative credit rating
According to one of the people, besides cash, which would be less than EUR700m, the deal would definitely involve a sizeable stock component to reduce the risk of a negative credit rating impact.