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Antonyms for deflation

(geology) the erosion of soil as a consequence of sand and dust and loose rocks being removed by the wind

a contraction of economic activity resulting in a decline of prices

the act of letting the air out of something

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With the distribution of survey responses showing that 60% of respondents expect prices to go up, 20% of respondents declare their stabilization and 20% of respondents predict negative inflation, the mean expected inflation equals 0.
When the inflation rate drops below 0%, you have deflation, which is by definition a negative inflation rate.
WORCESTER - With stimulus funds boosting one side and the sucker punch of the state's negative inflation factor bruising the other, the Worcester public schools budget proposal will limp into City Hall this afternoon at 0.
Both deflation and disinflation are negative inflation but distinct in character.
On tax allowances, he claimed they were frozen because they were set at a time of negative inflation in September.
The increase was much higher in real terms than nominal terms as nonfood prices declined and experienced negative inflation in most of 2009, the author states.
I notice he is not boasting about next year's pension rise which should actually be a cut, due to a negative inflation figure.
The realisation by Cypriot consumers of the real cost of mortgage debt, at times of minimal or negative inflation, might signal further trouble for the construction sector.
Dubai, 28 Aug: Qatar and the UAE are likely to see negative inflation this year due to falling house prices, while inflation rates will slow sharply in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, EFG-Hermes said.
All the opposition parties have taken up the issue of price rise against negative inflation, who believe that the basic diet of vegetables and pulses has become way too expensive for the common man.
Therefore, it is appropriate to infer that the negative inflation rates forecasted throughout the summer do not represent a period of sustained deflation in the euro area, but rather the cyclical effects of the sharp movements in commodity prices in previous quarters.
Qatari officials are claiming zero or negative inflation rates.
There is a risk of negative inflation over the next three years and ''decisive action is thus called for to forcefully relax monetary conditions,'' the Swiss central bank said.
In the past year, fluctuating prices of oil and petroleum products have contributed to sharp variations in imported inflation, whereas the negative inflation rate according to the UNDIMPX, excluding petroleum products, has been more stable (see Diagram 154).
But it would probably help the marketplace understand a little better about what the Fed's intentions are and also provide some assurance that we are prepared to guard against zero or negative inflation.