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In their forecasts, the NEEP economists predict that New England will continue to experience slow growth and slow recovery of the jobs lost in the recent recession.
While the slide in housing prices is expected to continue, that in itself will not end the region's lack of affordable housing, said NEEP President Michael Goodman, director of economic and public policy research at the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute.
The NEEP levels are monitored several times a day and action required to ease the pressure is taken as needed.
As Neep explains: "The decline in red meat consumption is leading consumers to look for alternative convenience products.
This program targets a unique and vitally important sector - the nonprofit organizations that provide so many critical services to struggling Coloradans," said Heather Gullen, who manages EOC's NEEP program.
Specifically the NEEP was to be aimed at the things LEPs did not do.
I like to add a few spoonfuls of haggis to neeps to give them a real taste of the Scottish Highlands.
Mr Neep said the group was operating in 'uncertain economic and political times' with higher interest rates and reduced consumer spending in prospect.
Learn how NEEP helps Colorado nonprofits save energy and money
Now that things like the regional development agencies are to be no more, we need to align ourselves closely with initiatives such as the new LEPs and NEEP in addition to the region's universities in order to better voice the concerns of the construction industry.
Over the next 15 years, NEEP said, the weak standard will mean extra energy costs of $1.
Hong-Kong-born Wai Yue Neep and her company director husband David were relaxing when they got a call from him about the mayhem.
NEEP supports report on ramping up energy efficiency through regional collaboration
It is these two bodies that have been working closely together over the last 18 months to lobby Government for the creation of the NEEP.