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neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front

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In Mobil Mom, neckties and plaid fabric are stitched together, then wrapped tightly around a ten-foot-high wooden frame to produce a monument to the skirt, complete with socks on the feet of the supporting struts.
Japan's necktie producers on Thursday approved a plan to start probing into the soaring imports of silk neckties from China with an eye to asking the government to slap the safeguard restriction permitted under World Trade Organization rules.
Official statistics show the import of Chinese-made neckties in 2000 rose 20% over the previous year to 16.4 million neckties.
Tom set up his speciality necktie firm after being made redundant.
sporting neckties. They recruited 19th-century Irish wit Oscar Wilde to help spread the word with his quote: "A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life."
Washington, DC, October 12, 2013 --( Bull+Moose ( - makers of fine quality bow ties and neckties is pleased to announce a partnership and sponsorship of the Got Your 6 campaign.
With the men's neckties fluttering in the air, it's even possible to see the painting as a lyrical revision of Robert Longo's "Men in the City" series--a blooming tribute to urban culture as opposed to any ashen reflection. is the premier online retailer for extra long neckties for men.
The problem was, Bayrle put neckties on his Chinese Communists, a decision so reactionary that the young artist--Joseph Beuys used to call him "the guy with the machines"--was denied entry to the party when he tried to join. offers a huge selection of extra long neckties. Shipping is always free.
One hoped for high-low fun like, say, socialite fridge magnets or Liz flasks, only to find dreck like a $35 Andy doll with Cabbage Patch--like face and Campbell's T-shirt and icky Planet Hollywood--esque neckties. Dommage!
Police previously said Desiree Manoso, 25, committed suicide when she was found hanged using three neckties at their bedroom on Sunday.