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a native or inhabitant of Naples

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The art of Neapolitan pizzamaking won world heritage status on Thursday, joining a horse-riding game from Iran and Dutch wind mills on Unesco's culture list.
The Neapolitan restaurant chain has several restaurants in the South, mainly in London, and this is its first venture into the north.
That was where southerners and Neapolitans came extensively into contact with northern Italians, and for the first time were exposed to choral singing; and for northerners it was the occasion when they came into first-hand contact with Neapolitan song as it circulated by word of mouth among southern soldiers.
Sergio Miccu, the president of the Neapolitan association of pizza makers, declared: "Even though pizza is part of the heritage of the whole world, its origins are in Naples and it was Neapolitans who taught the art of pizza-making to other countries.
Like Neapolitan ice cream, Naples is three colourful flavours in one - panoramic, beachfront and Unesco World Heritage.
Traditionally many Neapolitans had (and still have) a strong personal relationship with their patron saint, San Gennaro, whom they would constantly petition for favors and to keep watch over them.
Film wise, Neapolitans like to boast that theirs is the city where filmmaking first started in Italy during the Lumiere brothers era.
Cocachoc specializes in the production of these individually wrapped small chocolates and Neapolitans and cookies.
Contemporaries usually agreed that the disease originated among some other ethnic or national group: the Italians blamed it on the French, the French on the Neapolitans, and most everyone blamed it ultimately on the New World.
Karl Mack von Lieberich (November 29, 1798); regrouped and soundly defeated Mack's army at Civita Castellana (December 4), and reoccupied Rome (December 15); pursued Mack's shaken Neapolitans south; after Mack surrendered to escape mutinous troops (January 11), he stormed Naples (January 24, 1799) and established the Parthenopean Republic; returned to France to gather more troops in the face of the Austro-Russian invasion (spring-summer); returned to Italy at the head of the Army of the Alps (October?
Vesuvius completely buried the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79AD and experts predict it will erupt again between 2009 and 2019, meaning Neapolitans find it impossible to get any insurance.
Thus, La mimica was "one of the first books to attempt to forge a link between ethnography and archaeology" (xxi); De Jorio's interest in the gesmres of common Neapolitans reflects an "early manifestation" of a nineteenth century movement in folkloric studies of Naples (lxvii-lxx); his observation aat gesture is nota universal system of communication, but is shaped by local custom anticipates twentieth century scholarship (lxiv).
Union produces neapolitans -- square and rectangular -- with personalized or standard label.
Mainly a showcase for the scripters' good feelings about Neapolitans, immigrants, the poor and unemployed, pic is too blatantly Pollyanna-ish for its multiple stories to be convincing.
The Neapolitans have a memorable cuisine, and it does not end with the main courses but continues on to pastries and coffee.