Neapolitan ice cream

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a block of ice cream with 3 or 4 layers of different colors and flavors

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I think my father was a bit surprised by the generous helping of Neapolitan ice cream and both the sticky toffee cheesecake and the vanilla panna cotta were hits with my sister and husband, respectively.
What are the three flavours of Neapolitan ice cream? 8.
When NAVELSF deployed "Forward ALPHA", the first wave of Cargo Handlers for OIF in January 2004, the novice observer might have compared them to Neapolitan ice cream. There were basically three flavors: There were the traditional port stevedores in Kuwait; the Air Cargo Handlers who formed a Mobile Air Cargo Handling (MACH) Team in Iraq; and the Supply Support Sailors who provided fuels and mobile mail services in Kuwait and Iraq.
Neapolitan ice cream, mint choc chip or strawberries are the sweet treats on offer.
Layers of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavour ice cream decorated with chocolate flavour flakes make up the Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar.
Since childhood, when I took the Ballet/Modern/Jazz class, (in which all three disciplines were offered in one swoop like a cross section of Neapolitan ice cream) my affinity for modern was obvious.
Leafing through a book about the history of ice cream, they discovered the story of Prince Puckler, a 19th century Prussian prince known for creating a layered dessert that become Neapolitan ice cream. They choose Prince Puckler partly because it would get customers to wonder about the name, Jim Robertson said.
(Some of us think the decline of western morality began with Neapolitan ice cream and that decadent and unnecessary strawberry strip.) We're the kind of people who name our dogs Spot or Rover and our churches Knox or St.
No, indeed, crumb cake, the choice to be sexually expeditious rather than deliberate, or for that matter multiplicitous rather than exclusive, is, in my estimation, akin to a preference of Neapolitan ice cream over peanut-butter truffle.
Canape of the week Sushi with slivers of horseradish followed by creme brulee and Neapolitan ice cream
Hill Society, Flashing Steel and Nibalda, and then Jackie Mullins, dressed like a Neapolitan ice cream, white and yellow and blue and pink, sitting on top of Florida Pearl, tail tied up.
Cauliflower, 39p; Thin 'n' crispy meat pizza (350g), pounds 1.19; Neapolitan ice cream cones (4 pack), 99p.
The Aussie (right), who is currently sporting a hairstyle that resembles a Neapolitan ice cream, stooped to a new low when telling Stanislas Wawrinka that his pal Thanasi Kokkinakis had slept with Stan's girlfriend.
The catwalks resembled a dessert trolley carousel and were awash with mint, peach, lemon, rose and Neapolitan ice cream colours with creamy caramel replacing the chocolatey shades.
Introduce colours such as candy-striped cushion covers and throws for a real Neapolitan ice cream effect which compliment the blues and greens used in this colour scheme ( floral motifs will also work well such as those in the style of Cath Kidston.