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any of various plants of the genus Vernonia of tropical and warm regions of especially North America that take their name from their loose heads of purple to rose flowers that quickly take on a rusty hue

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He told me he felt good about Ndole and wanted as little movement or noise coming from the machan.
The trip down the hill to Ndole was rather difficult.
Visiting a restaurant in the city of Douala or Yaounde for example, one is likely to find major dishes like plantains, ndole, fufu corn and vegetables, achu and kanda, (32) waterfufu and eru, koki and ripe plantains, and cocoyam and vegetables.
In response, most of them chose waterfufu and eru, plantains and ndole, ekwang, mbongo chobi and roasted fish and bobolo, not because these are meals coming from their region but because these dishes are delicious and they taste good.
[6]: Dodo is fried ripe plantains and Ndole is a vegetable dish made from bitterleaves.
A couple of pints of Guinness is allowed with this to set you up for the main course of the Cameroonian national dishes of miodo and ndole. With this comes the first serious drink of the tournament, namely a couple of jugs of billi-billi, but you mustn't overdo it on this stuff as it is lethal and almost certainly the origin of the expression silli-billi.
Un curioso argumento utilizado frecuentemente por los defensores del itinerario jerarquizado entre el MPGS (PGS) y el PIR (PEPC) es el de descalificar la formaciAaAaAeA n adquirida a travAaAaAeA@s del Grado en Psicolog aplicAaAaAeA ndole las etiquetas de formaciAaAaAeA n generalista y polivalente el sentido de que puede aplicarse o practicarse en distintos AaAaAeA mbit o contextos profesionales: clAaAaAeA nico, educativo, laboral, social, jurAaAaAeA d etc.