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the compass point that is one point west of due north

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Puri, a nephew of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, had on August 16 filed the plea for cancellation of the NBW by contending that he is willing to join the probe.
The main standard for comparing SFWE was NBW, which is measured after birth by midwives using a digital scale.
He has urged the court to make his submission a part of the court records and, in light of the same, to cancel the NBW issued against him.
Body weight of IUGR pigs were significantly lower (P<0.05) than the NBW pigs from birth to 160 days of age (Table III).
All data were analyzed as a mixed model with intrauterine growth type (T) of the pig (NBW or IUGR), content of choline (D) in diets (normal or high), and TxD as fixed effects and the pigs as random effects using the MIXED procedure.
Histological analysis of IUGR versus NBW showed decreased height of villi in the duodenum and proximal part of the intestine and decreased thickness of muscularis of the jejunum (Table 2).
The agency, which wants Mallya to join the probe in the Rs9 billion IDBI alleged loan fraud probe case "in person", has virtually exhausted all legal options to bring him back to India including issuance of the NBW warrant against him based on which it made the requests for revocation of his passport and subsequent deportation bid.
They were charged for neither paid back bank loans nor were appearing before the court therefore court issued NBW them.
Four hundred and four babies (202 pairs, where each consisted of a LBW and a NBW baby) were followed up from birth to end of 6 months.
An NBW was issued against Devananda, who later became a minister in the Mahinda Rajapakse government in Sri Lanka.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to examine how well LBW children perform in school in different areas of school curriculum, compared to a group of children with normal birth weight (NBW; [greater than or equal to] 2.5kg), controlling for the effects of potential risk factors of LBW.
In conclusion our results suggested that IUGR pigs had a greater ability to deposit lipid in adipose tissue and skeletal muscle than NBW pigs when fed a HF diet while producing less tender meat than NBW pigs.
National Bible Week (NBW) 2015 is fast-approaching.
Those women who had babies with normal birth weight were referred as normal birth weight group (NBW) and those with low birth weight infants were referred as low birth weight group (LBW).