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United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945)

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This film may have been created in the Roaring Twenties but the memory of Oscar Wilde's trial and imprisonment for homosexuality, the potency of Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations for the first edition of the play as realised on the screen by Nazimova and her art director Natacha Rambova were apparently too heady a mix.
To bring the dance into the present and show how different performers have used it to express their complex desires and historical interests, the video also shows the artist and trans-activist Wu Tsang--who introduces himself as a composite of Wilde, Nazimova, and Salome--preparing to stage an adaptation of the dance as a drag performance, while presenting the princess as transgender.
In her screenwriting career, she worked for several years with actress Alia Nazimova, who was very active in Hollywood's lesbian society.
The costumes, the sets, and above all the extraordinary stylized acting of Nazimova, a notorious figure of the silent era, make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
As Dagmar introduced her friends to Valentino, Nazimova burst out: 'How dare you bring that gigolo to my table?
He is story editor for Selznik (8) (don't know how to spell it) and is a nephew of Nazimova (9)--a Russian and of course his name isn't Lawton but he told us that his real name "before Americanizing it"--whatever that means
Lambert's work has often focused on gay figures in Hollywood; he has written biographies of George Cukor (On Cukor), Alla Nazimova, a collection of the correspondence between Paul Bowles and Ned Rorem, and a book on Lindsay Anderson.
The classic film, which was released in 1923, is a visual feast furnished by lavish designs inspired by artist Aubrey Beardsley, and an unforgettable title role performance by the flamboyant Hollywood silent film star Alla Nazimova.
Moved by her plight, Blache brought his family to Los Angeles, where they maintained separate households, though Guy Blache worked as his assistant on several films starring Alla Nazimova.
His full-length depiction of the great actress Alla Nazimova (who told him he was "a Dorian Gray before he knew sin") established his career as a portrait painter in 1910.
First, plug in these names: Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mercedes de Acosta, Alla Nazimova, and Tallulah Bankhead.
In its heydey, the theater featured plays starring Ethel Barrymore, Paul Muni, Alfred Lunt, Lynne Fontanne, Judith Anderson, Sarah Bernhardt, Nazimova and Isadora Duncan.
Two events in 1936 helped to decide his fate: seeing Alla Nazimova in Ghosts at the American Theatre and being contacted by Willard Holland of The Mummers.
It's interesting as it was funded and produced by its lead actress Alla Nazimova and the visual aspect of it was informed by the Aubrey Beardsley illustrations from the printed edition of the play.