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United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945)

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Moreover, this same body type was exemplified by other Jewish Salomes: Bernhardt, Rubinstein, and Nazimova were all spectacularly, and, at times, notoriously thin, and were culturally prized (or condemned) for this slenderness.
This film may have been created in the Roaring Twenties but the memory of Oscar Wilde's trial and imprisonment for homosexuality, the potency of Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations for the first edition of the play as realised on the screen by Nazimova and her art director Natacha Rambova were apparently too heady a mix.
To bring the dance into the present and show how different performers have used it to express their complex desires and historical interests, the video also shows the artist and trans-activist Wu Tsang--who introduces himself as a composite of Wilde, Nazimova, and Salome--preparing to stage an adaptation of the dance as a drag performance, while presenting the princess as transgender.
By 1918, she was the primary writer for Metro Studios, turning out scripts for their major stars such as Alla Nazimova, Francis X.
The majority of these shorts and feature-length films have been lost; with the exception of If You Had A Wife Like This, filmed by American Motoscope and Biograph Company in 1907, Sawdust and Salome (1914), produced by Vitagraph Company of America, and Charles Bryant's 1923 feature film Salome, starring Alla Nazimova, discussion of these films is based primarily on reviews, existing plot summaries, and other archival material.
And Lambert, whose nonfiction works include Norma Shearer, On Cukor, Nazimova, and Mainly About Lindsay Anderson, is the ideal writer to illuminate it.
Alla Nazimova, a popular stage actress, made her screen debut in War Brides ill which she declares, "No more children for war
En 1905 Ricardo Strauss la inmortalizo en su opera Salome y la actriz Nazimova la interpret6 en un filme del cine mudo realizado en 1922.
She also headed both the Abbey and Gaiety acting schools, where she shared with the next generation of Irish actors what she had learned from Le Gallienne and troupe member Alia Nazimova, who had trained with Stanislavski at the Moscow Art Theatre.
As Dagmar introduced her friends to Valentino, Nazimova burst out: 'How dare you bring that gigolo to my table?
Lambert's work has often focused on gay figures in Hollywood; he has written biographies of George Cukor (On Cukor), Alla Nazimova, a collection of the correspondence between Paul Bowles and Ned Rorem, and a book on Lindsay Anderson.
He is story editor for Selznik (8) (don't know how to spell it) and is a nephew of Nazimova (9)--a Russian and of course his name isn't Lawton but he told us that his real name "before Americanizing it"--whatever that means
In addition to plot intertextuality, it parodies the personae of the film's two leading actresses, Norma Shearer and Alla Nazimova, with some debt to other screen personalities of the period.
Predominantly lesbian stars like Alla Nazimova and Eva Le Gallienne were fairly open about their sexuality even in the early decades of the 20th century, and the rumors about less candid (or more ambivalent) performers like Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck and torch singer Libby Holman have been floating around for so long you can hardly fault McLellan for repeating them one more time.