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a form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader

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Derrida shows how Schmitt's commitment to Naziism and National Socialism was the political means whereby Schmitt was able to identify the absolute enemy.
Most of all, in 1941, Auden was struggling to reconcile his early leftist politics with his recent reading of modern theology, especially the Christian realism of Reinhold Neibuhr - often deliberately obscuring his earlier positions but still subjecting his poetry to the questions of conscience raised by the rise of Naziism, the fall of the Spanish Republic, and the ongoing war in Europe.
He has attacked public school teachers as greedy far-left agents of social engineering and once compared public schooling to Naziism and Communism.
Conversely, one can wonder, as an extension of her analysis, why Germany's passage of social welfare legislation much earlier than the US did not cushion the economic misfortunes of the petite bourgeoisie during the depression, and reduce the appeal of Naziism.
I claim that we have an obligation to examine the German culture that produced Naziism and the Holocaust.
I admired and felt much affection for my teacher in missions, the famous Daniel Johnson Fleming, but he was of the old school, and his genial liberal outlook seemed quite inadequate during a time when Naziism and world war were filling our horizons.
It was while we were in Kiev and talking with its people that I really started to witness the evil nature of both Communism and Naziism.
Abroad, America has spilled blood and treasure to protect and liberate millions of people from the totalitarian nightmares of Naziism and communism, and more recently from the horrors of Islamofascism.
Without the "terrorism" of resistance movements in Europe, we might have been under the heel of Naziism now.
Sold to the public as scientific fact, "Social Darwinism," with its view of man as beast, helped spawn unprecedented cruelties under communism and Naziism.
But as the Germans choked off Naziism, so must the members of the Muslim community face the collective responsibility of rooting out among themselves those who sully the name of Allah by their deeds.
But Donald Findlay, QC, defending, asked him if he knew the dead man had a "not inconsiderable" interest in Naziism.
Today this is a victory for the victims of Naziism,'' said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, which was instrumental in the fight to obtain the settlement from Swiss banks.
Passelecq and Suchecky see the failure of Pius XI's successor, Pius XII, to publish the document as another example of his inadequate concern about the evils of Naziism.
World War II - Given the enduring consensus that joining the war against Naziism was a vital national interest, Roosevelt shrewdly outmaneuvered the isolationists and commanded a war effort that defeated Japan and provided crucial assistance to the Russian defeat of Germany.