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cause or force to adopt Nazism or a Nazi character

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The most deplorable part of it is the abuse of the Holocaust memory which is used in Israel to Nazify the Arabs and the Palestinians, and justify criminal policies against them.
To nazify Eliade seems, for Ravelstein, perhaps for Bellow, to Gallicize him.
German university students were in the forefront of the movement to Nazify German higher education.
Also of interest was the attempt "to Nazify Mozart" (143): "In the case of Mozart, the central preoccupation seems to have been the desire to `Aryanize' the libretti of the three operas (Don Giovanni, Le nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte) the composer wrote in collaboration with the baptized Jew Lorenzo da Ponte" (140).
The Bund hoped to Nazify German-American cultural life as Hitler had done under his policy of "political coordination.