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the political party founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power by Hitler in 1933

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose father was a member of the Nazi party, will visit Israel on his first foreign trip since taking office.
Riefenstahl always denied political involvement with the Nazi party or any romantic link with Hitler, although she admitted admiring him and seeking him out for a meeting in 1932.
In these chapters, the author offers a differentiated view on the distribution of power within the Nazi party, the delusions of certain Nazi factions, the tactical moves of the episcopate, the mood among Austrian Catholic activists (who, among others, managed to stage the largest anti-Nazi demonstration in the history of the Third Reich), the popular reactions to Nazi labor policy, the limited accessibility of the rural population, and many other issues.
It is fairly clear that big business was less likely to support the NSDAP than small business; that the party allegiances of individual industrialists varied; and that Fritz Thyssen's membership of and donations to the Nazi Party were a typical of the business community as a whole.
Speer was a wonderful organiser, and won favour at first within the Nazi party for some refurbishments done with speed and efficiency.
In 1977, residents of the largely Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie were horrified to find that the American Nazi Party planned to march through their streets.
company chairman August Oetker said his father, Rudolf-August Oetker, was a member of Adolf Hitler's SS and that he joined the Nazi Party in the 1930s.
The report comes after Vienna Philharmonic was accused of covering up the ties with the Nazi Party.
In 1934, Abel collected 683 life histories written by members of the Nazi party in Germany.
Taking advantage of economic uncertainty is how the Nazi party started.
Its main aim was to recruit new members to the Nazi party.
Thanks to the 7/7 atrocities and growing enmity in England towards ethnic minorities, especially Muslims, an independent England would open the doors for the BNP to take over, just as the Nazi party did in Germany in 1933, using Jews as the scapegoats.
Dr Friederick Schoberth, who was Professor of German at Cardiff University from 1928 to 1939, joined the Nazi Party in 1942.
The people who did not vote - and those who voted effectively for a Nazi party - need to examine the history of Europe and the devastation, misery and death the Fascist and Nazi parties of Germany, Italy and their allies in Japan caused between 1939 and 1945 during World War ll.