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the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)


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Approximately six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, the genocide and ethnic cleansing carried out in the Second World War by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.
As currently written, the legislation calls for prison terms of up to three years for falsely attributing the crimes of Nazi Germany to Poland.
Fascist regimes predictably glorify their national past, and here scholars of classics, history, philosophy, art, and architecture explore Classicism in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany as two salient examples.
Panaji (Goa) [India], August 18 ( ANI ): An article in a Goa Church-run magazine has compared the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government to Nazi Germany and called for the party's defeat in the bypoll elections next week.
The ecclesiastical policy governing the relationship between Mormons and Nazi Germany, according to Nelson, resulted in cooperation and conformity.
Apart from volunteers forming the International Brigades (including many from the mining communities of South Wales), the only country to offer support to the civilians of Spain was the Soviet Union, while the West idly sat by allowing Nazi Germany to develop and perfect their tactics for the outbreak of World War Two a few months later.
Getting a foothold in Italy from Sicily to Anzio was very costly in terms of those killed and a significant number of them were indeed Polish, so we should never seek to undermine the suffering of Poland under Nazi Germany.
The "Great Patriotic War" was a decisive factor in World War II, along the many fronts of the Eastern Front between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany with its allies, during the period from 22th June 1941 to 9th May 1945.
President Putin at a military parade in Moscow onthe 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union's Victoryover Nazi Germany during the World War II, addedthat the values of the victory consolidated thebases of the global system following the War asthe UN was established and a new system of theinternational law was founded.
The Villa 1938 tour of Nazi Germany was just before the England national team played Germany in the 1936 Berlin Olympic stadium and the players, on the advice from the Foreign Office, were pressurised to give the Nazi salute in front of over 100,000 Germans.
Please remember: your life [here in Nazi Germany in the '30s] may depend on it.
IN a recent letter published in your paper titled "Other side of Tryweryn saga" Mr Kelly remarked that Wales would not have resisted Nazi Germany without being in the UK.
Published in 1960 by Simon and Schuster, William Shirer's 1100-page The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, although superseded by subsequent volumes and interpretations, overly-detailed, and reflecting Shirer's strong opinions, is Shirer's masterpiece, and, according to numerous reviewers, has been the benchmark against which other accounts of Nazi Germany have been measured.
Before any revisionists start making accusations of war crimes against these men, let's just remember that Nazi Germany started a war which Britain tried to avoid.
FURIOUS Alan Shatter yesterday branded Luke Flanagan "an ignorant buffoon" after he compared problems in Irish bogs to that of Nazi Germany.