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Synonyms for Nazi

a German member of Adolf Hitler's political party

derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc

relating to a form of socialism

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* Nazis gathered Jews from their own homes, murdering many including women and children and sent the survivors on long train trips under inhumane conditions to camps where many were selected for immediate gassing and the remainder were sent to work camps where they received little food or medical care.
Drawing on thousands of pages of informant reports from the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Papers (CRC Papers), Hitler in Los Angeles takes the reader on a month-by-month, year by year journey through the 1930s, detailing Nazi plots and Jewish efforts to foil them.
The organization thanked the photographer for bringing attention to the use of the Nazi symbols, however, because they believe that "communication, understanding and acceptance are the basis for cross cultural understanding," they "reject the stereotyping of the people of Taiwan." The statement advised that some of the critical generalizations made by the photographer about Taiwanese society could "only create further mis-understanding and hate."
Himmler, who, as commander of the SS was one of the most powerful Nazis during the Nazi era and a principal architect of the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, killed himself in British custody in 1945.
In Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots against Hollywood and America, Ross maps the skirmishes of a covert war.
The Wolfenstein franchise managed to wade into waters that have somehow recently become controversial despite the World War II game sticking to its classic narrative: taking down Nazis.
The Nazi ideology is gaining popularity across Europe and poses "obvious" threat, Ivanov stressed.
Konrad Jarausch, prolific German historian, opens the book with "The Conundrum of Complicity." Similar to many vocations in Nazi society, German lawyers fell into a spectrum of categories--from "passive facilitators" to "killing professionals." Using his father as an example, Jarausch notes the "war youth generation" longed to prove itself.
Hugh was a great admirer of the Villa full back George Cummings, not just because he gave the Nazis a two-fingered salute but because he was the only full back who ever neutralised the legendary wizard of the wing, Stanley Matthews.
Some 46 per cent of those polled said they believed Austria was a victim of Nazi oppression in 1938, while 61 per cent said they believed that "enough" had been done to reappraise Austria's Nazi past.
This illuminating and path-breaking study is a vital addition to the growing body of scholarship on the relations between Nazi Germany and the Islamic world of the Middle East and North Africa during the Second World War and beyond.
Herf, Jeffrey, Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, Yale University Press, New Haven, NH, 2009, ISBN 9 7803 0014 5793, xiii + 335 pp., A$52.95.
Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Clippers, Nazi Palestine
Nazi propaganda leaflets taunting British soldiers about their wives have been uncovered as part of a private collection due to be sold at auction.