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Synonyms for Nazi

a German member of Adolf Hitler's political party

derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc

relating to a form of socialism

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com/BobJob40981121/status/919981046686461954) Nazi sympathizers  and Holocaust deniers.
Scharnberg also identified German AP photographers who were drafted into or joined Nazi propaganda units during World War II, some while still being paid by AP.
Similar to many vocations in Nazi society, German lawyers fell into a spectrum of categories--from "passive facilitators" to "killing professionals.
Collector of historical photographs Paul Garson has gathered private photo images of Germany in those years, the items hidden or lost since the end of World War II, and offered them up in a peculiar book with the simple title New Images of Nazi Germany.
Some 46 per cent of those polled said they believed Austria was a victim of Nazi oppression in 1938, while 61 per cent said they believed that "enough" had been done to reappraise Austria's Nazi past.
The basic thesis of the book is that Nazi Germany, with the assistance of its Arab collaborators, attempted to equate Nazi ideology, and especially extreme antisemitism, with some selected radical traditions of Islam such as a holy war to crush the Jews who were portrayed as out to conquer the Arab world and to destroy Islam.
Herf compares the anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany with that of present-day Islamic radicals, and draws a connection between the two.
Army), the Nazi symbol was used on the Nazi flag, the flag under which the Nazi dictator - Adolf Hitler - oversaw the murder of 6 million Jews in grotesque death camps.
The good news: Four of the center's 10 most wanted Nazi war criminals may soon stand trial.
Nazis and the Cinema Susan Tegel Hambledon Continuum 324pp 30 [pounds sterling] ISBN 1 84725 000 9
Jeffrey Herf The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II & the Holocaust.
Accompanied by Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries," they waved their Nazi flags and gave the Nazi salute.
Many of our current understandings of how the Nazi regime functioned after 1933 would not have been possible without the perspectives provided by the "history of everyday life" (Alltagsgeschichte).
Cruel world; the children of Europe in the Nazi web.