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a former executive department of the United States government

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The dreaded telegram from the Navy Department arrived at 98 Adams Street on January 12, 1943, informing Tom and Alleta Sullivan that their sons were missing in action.
On July 7,1942, Bessie received a letter from the Navy Department, noting that "the Department has recently assigned the name Edsall in honor of your brother, the late Seaman N.
Owner is the Secretary of the Navy, Navy Department, Washington, D.
Welles called on designers to submit plans for ironclad warships to the Navy Department.
Navy Department, said consumer spending will be helped by gains in the stock market, higher home values, and lower unemployment.
A Navy Department report to Congress on combatant vessel force structure requirements calls for maintaining 88 total destroyers and cruisers for the next three decades.
The Navy Department is coordinating efforts with Coahuila state, and will be awaiting the conclusions of the forensics examination in the case.
8) Rules of the Navy Department, Regulating the Civil Administration of the Navy of the United States, [Navy Department]: City of Washington, 1832, p.
Though individuals with limited perceptions were still active in the Navy Department, the organization suspected that uniformed women would be a necessity during wartime.
On September 16, 1911, Lieutenant Ellyson wrote the Navy Department describing "flight clothing" he hoped to be reimbursed for: a light helmet with detachable goggles, and a visor, as well as a leather coat with a fur or wool lining.
Secretary of State William Seward directed Gideon Welles's Navy Department to abide by this standard on multiple occasions)
For this new biography, Ira Dye, a retired naval officer, has done exhaustive research on the subject, combing through the available documents, including many records from outside the Navy Department.
On 19 Jun 1861, a Navy Department circular ordered the designation of nurse.
While most letters of sympathy were sent to the embassy in Tokyo, a few were sent to the Navy Department in Washington, D.
Acquavella is also the first Navy Department recipient and the first military officer to be awarded the PRT's Elmer B.
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