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(Persian) the new year holiday in Iran and Azerbaijan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and parts of India and among the Kurds

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While Zoroastrians across the globe celebrated New Year on March 21 this year, Parsis residing in India are celebrating Navroz on August 17.
Meanwhile, Nath Kovind, the Indian president, in a Twitter message said, "Navroz Mubarak to everybody, especially to our small, much-loved and overachieving Parsi community.
I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of Navroz.
(3) For a detailed analysis of the objectives of global energy governance, see Navroz K.
The President thanked Tajik President Emomali Rahmon for extending invitation to attend the Navroz festival in Dushanbe.
The President during meeting thanked President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon for extending invitation to attend the Navroz festival in Dushanbe.
"The various festivities that are happening in the coming months mean people will be looking for gadgets and electronics as gifts especially during the Chinese New Year, Navroz in March, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day," he added.
He became the first US president in decades to greet the Iranians on Navroz. AaAaAaAa
Brook & John Besant-Jones, Reaching the Poor in the Age of Energy Reform, in WORLD BANK, ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2000: ENERGY SERVICES FOR THE WORLD'S POOR 2 (2000) [hereinafter WORLD BANK, ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2000] (estimating 2 billion); NAVROZ K.
"We are not interested in a Bhopal-style cover-up," says Navroz Mody, Greenpeace's campaign director in India and a long-time resident of Kodaikanal.
Navroz Dubash, a researcher at the World Resources Institute who examined some of the effects of the water scarcity in Gujarat, notes that the flood of migrants depresses the local labor markets, driving down wages and diminishing the bargaining power of all landless laborers in the region.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 17 (ANI): As Parsi community celebrates Navroz today that marks the Persian and Iranian New Year, an array of celebrities took to social media to wish their followers on the day.
India's per capita energy consumption is around one-tenth of America's--and even if it doubles by 2030, it will be only half what China's was in 2015, according to a recent analysis led by Navroz Dubash, coordinator of the Initiative on Climate, Energy, and Environment at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi.