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Synonyms for navicular

the largest wrist bone on the thumb side

shaped like a boat

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The plantar pressure reduction was under navicular bone by 77% in control group.
Imaging of the symptomatic type II accessory navicular bone.
However, she and her colleagues' recent analyses of the fossilized navicular bones from several species of ancient horses of various sizes suggest that this crippling condition has afflicted the animals for millions of years.
Melbourne midfielder Jack Trengove suffered a huge setback after his injury led to navicular bone fracture.
Ellsbury has missed 16 games recovering from a small fracture in the navicular bone of his right foot.
The formula has worked for Prandini, who sat out last season with a stress fracture in the navicular bone of her right foot, and it's working for redshirt freshman thrower Greg Skipper and true freshman middle distance runner Annie Leblanc.
The dashing 13-year-old grey was at death's door, a deep-seated infection in the navicular bone of his off-fore foot pushing him inexorably across that shadowy threshold.
Doctors conducted a CT scan Monday as a precautionary measure and were surprised to find Fisher had suffered an incomplete fracture of the navicular bone - the same bone he broke last year.
Ellsbury's fracture is in the navicular bone and came as the result of a foul ball that hit his foot Aug.
Unfortunately for Fleet, he suffered a stress fracture in the navicular bone of his right foot near the end of the season.
It is easier to talk of doom and gloom now that the old grey horse is back standing happily in his box, but the inside of a horse's foot is a labyrinth of problems waiting to happen and an infected navicular bone is an uncompromising diagnosis.
She's had lingering problems with a hamstring, she wrestled with knee pain, but the worst came sometime in 1990 or 1991 - she's not sure - when she broke the navicular bone in her foot.