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literally, the contemplation of one's navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption


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Jen gets a top-up then ties her hair back' Navel gazing .
NAVEL GAZING As he boards a plane in Wellington, Orlando Bloom reciprocates after a group of girls flash him.
Without the real time experience, it would just end in navel gazing.
By making something out of nothing, the artist demonstrates that the evolution of consciousness depends on all of us doing something other than complaining or navel gazing or vegetating.
I for one feel that Joe Anderson has the credentials to articulate the needs of the core Labour support in this city much better than the intellectual navel gazing currently led by Mr.
The final two installments return to earnestness - both in the series' own this-is-good-for-you informational aspects and the participants' navel gazing.
And given the critical post-Toronto fest editorial in The Globe and Mail that concluded, "Both [the TIFF], and the media, need to rethink the star-spangled navel gazing," Vancouver's anti-Hollywood focus seems to be gaining in popularity elsewhere.
Too often, folk and rootsy artists take serious topics and fall into a melancholy, navel gazing style of mellow introspection.
My work is always looking at what's going on in my life, who I am as a gay mail," says Tim Miller, the Los Angeles area-based performance artist who has charmed international audiences--and enraged some of our moro prominent right-wing politicians--with his frank, funny exercises in navel gazing, not to mention navel exposing.
Lift up their heads to see broader horizons, stop navel gazing Roy Woolmans Llandudno Junction
THERE has been a fair amount of constitutional navel gazing since the National Assembly was established 14 years ago, but it would be wrong to dismiss all of it as worthless.
I HAVE followed the debate on Cardiff's schools with interest - and the navel gazing of the capital bears no relation to the real world.
Lord Adonis said: "I hope that the debate in the great city of Newcastle focuses on how the city is going to a success over the next 30 to 40 years, not on as it were on very navel gazing as to whether those who have got a vested interest in the status quo want it to continue for self-interested reasons.
I find it quite disgraceful of Mr Poole that, after complimenting Florence Gersten for her achievements, he then proceeds to insult her by saying that she is encouraging navel gazing.
My Mom (another fave Eminem target hauled out one more time) and Insane are exercises in navel gazing.