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a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society

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The natural-law ethic of the Noahic covenant is developed in chapters on Abraham and the prophets.
Regardless of the extent to which Aquinas contributed, or did not contribute, to the shaping of modern political ideas, it is true that the (in)compatibility of his natural-law theory and modern liberalism is a highly debated topic.
Reinhold Niebuhr's worries about natural-law thinking did not precisely track those of Barth; neither did those of his brother.
They rejected the natural-law tradition because it glossed over the noetic effects of sin on the natural human faculties complemented by a dualistic nature-grace dichotomy.
If a single date could be identified as marking the historical break from the Christian consensus on traditional natural-law principles of sexual morality--if one desired to highlight the West's very first official step down the slippery slope--then August 15, 1930, must be chosen as that unhappy date.
No civilization ever has attempted to maintain the bed of justice by direct application of natural-law doctrines by magistrates; necessarily, it is by edict, rescript, and statute that any state keeps the peace through a system of courts.
These rules variously (according to the several differing schools of natural-law and natural-rights speculation) are derived from divine commandment; from the nature of humankind; from abstract Reason; or from long experience of mankind in community.
Moreover, the ancient natural-law conceptions that nature is teleological and that human sexuality should be restricted to those acts which may result m reproduction are now matters of contentious debate, even though they may once have been widely accepted.
His book attempts "to distinguish between better and worse formulations of the natural-law arguments that were made during the course of the debate on American slavery," when the language of natural law was idiomatic in American political discourse.
turns to what he calls "critical categories" and to a test case, namely, the application of natural-law thinking to the issue of euthanasia.
Hans Kelsen, The Natural-Law Doctrine Before The Tribunal of Science, in WHAT IS JUSTICE?
By emphasizing the individuality of human beings Rasmussen and Den Uyl sidestep problems in older natural-law or natural-right traditions of the sort criticized by Karl Popper in The Open Society and Its Enemies, according to which, having found the true fulfillment of man, we have only to impose it on everybody else.
14) With the publication of Richard Tuck's Natural Rights Theories (1979) and Cromartie's Sir Matthew Hale (1995), interest in Hale's natural-law theory revived.
As a political theorist, Hugo Grotius is especially interesting for his attempt to develop a natural-law alternative to the Thomistic natural law while at the same time resisting the modern doctrine of his younger contemporary, Thomas Hobbes.