natural gas

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a fossil fuel in the gaseous state


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4 cents per therm for all PSE natural-gas customers -- industrial, commercial, and residential.
Department of Energy reported on December 6, 2000 that wholesale natural-gas prices have quadrupled over the past year.
Hackett said, "This venture combines the talent, expertise and assets of two major energy companies to offer the East Texas producer community unprecedented services in gas processing, natural-gas liquids fractionation, liquids marketing, and gas marketing.
This venture capitalizes on NorAm's existing natural-gas gathering, processing, and transportation assets in East Texas and NGC's processing expertise, positioning the joint venture as a major participant in the East Texas gas processing/natural gas liquids markets," added NorAm Trading and Transportation Group President Charles Oglesby.
automakers that natural-gas vehicles can and are being built that satisfy consumers' as well as fleet operators' needs for range, fuel economy and performance," said Warren I.
The ultra-low-emission Geo Prism, designed to travel twice as far between fill-ups as current-day natural-gas vehicles, has a fuel economy of 32 miles per gallon and trunk space that is 75 percent of the original capacity, as compared with other NGVs that use the trunk as a fuel-tank storage area.
Atlanta is an important market because of the growing interest in natural-gas vehicles and its designation as one of America's first 'clean cities' under the federal government's program to convert vehicle fleets to alternative fuels," said Harvey Klein, manager of Ford's Advanced Vehicle and Safety Planning, during Atlanta's Clean Air Vehicle Conference today.
The vehicles will have several advantages over most conversion products on the market today, including: the warranty; sales and service by participating Ford dealers; extensive modification guidelines for quality; and Ford's experience in natural-gas research and development.
The Ford (NYSE: F) F-Series pickup will be offered in natural-gas versions beginning this fall through selected dealerships statewide.