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a logarithm to the base e

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The dependent variables are innovation outcomes: the natural logarithm of one plus the number of patents filed (and eventually granted) (LnPatent) and the natural logarithm of one plus the number of nonself-citations per patent filed (and eventually granted) (LnCitePat).
To test H2, we run an ordinary least squares regression of the natural logarithm of audit fees (LAF).
Scatterplots of the dependent variable LN_TBCOEF10 related to the independent variables LN_PEROOM, LN_ILLITER, and LN_INADSAN (the variables transformed to natural logarithm now have the prefix "LN_") were then constructed.
Namely get the natural logarithm of [lambda]ni i and then multiply the value by [10.
These macroeconomic data, that is, the two control variables and also the dependent variable (the natural logarithm of the gross national income at current prices per capita), are all sourced from the European Commission AMECO database.
Part b in Table 2 shows that the coefficient on the natural logarithm of total assets is positive and statistically significant for each sample year except for the year 2010 and 2013.
it] = logarithm of net profit per share for company i in year t, scaled by the share price on April 30th, after the end of financial year t-1; BTD = BTD calculated as the total difference between accounting income and taxable income; TEBTD = temporary BTD; PBTD = permanent BTD; NLTA = natural logarithm of total assets of company i in year t; [DELTA]BT[M.
Panel data regression shows that as the size of the thrift grows, total expenses, on an average, proportionately decrease and the coefficient on natural logarithm of assets is highly statistically significant in explaining the total expenses in panel data regression.
A simple regression of the natural logarithm of raw index counts on time would ignore the effects of environmental variation on detection completely, as well as the existence of temporal correlation in population indices, thereby under-estimating true process variance and creating a sense of false precision.
Game outcomes (coded as previously described and hereafter called WIN) were regressed on the team's Gini ratio (GINI) and the natural logarithm of average team salary (lnSALARY).
Figure 1 illustrates the impact of goals that a hockey player scores on the natural logarithm of his salary, holding all other variables constant.
We measure size as the natural logarithm of total admitted general account assets.
h] varies linearly with the natural logarithm of time ln t.
t]: Natural logarithm of total assets book value of the company i for the year t;