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a logarithm to the base e

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The dependent variables are natural log of loan spread in basis points.
Five types of panel unit root tests (such as LLC, Breitung, IPS, Fisher ADF and Fisher Phillip - Perron) are applied with intercept configuration on natural log of gross domestic product, natural log of market capitalization, natural log of stock traded, natural log of turnover ratio, natural log of broad money supply, natural log of domestic credit to private sector, natural log of migration, natural log of remittances and natural log of consumer price index both at level and at first difference.
Natural logs of both PPIs were undertaken in order to allow for simpler interpretation of the coefficients.
In multiple linear regression, the two parameters that best accounted for variation in the natural log of [EC.
t] return on assets, calculated as operating income after depreciation and amortization for year t divided by average of total assets reported at the beginning and ending of year t LnAT natural log of total assets (Ln([AT.
In terms of other measures of hospital size besides the natural log of total assets, we collect the total patient days and visits (in thousands), total number of discharges (in thousands), and total number of beds (in thousands) from the CMS Cost Reports.
LABR t-1= Natural log of lagged basmati acreage (000 hec)
LGDPMP Natural Log GDP at current price Market cost
Now, taking the natural log of both sides of equation (11), we obtain
double dagger]) The natural log transformed values of exercise-induced IGHC during 30 min of exercise.
Mixed models with repeated measures were used to compare canopy height, natural log transformed shoot density, and percent cover between segments of the marsh by month for each species and among species.
where aid amount is the natural log of the annual per capita ODA, recipient need is captured by the natural log of the annual per capita GDP and the natural log of total population.
Adjusting for a wide range of potential cofounders, including age, gender, race, urinary creatinine, poverty, body mass index, smoking, and smoke exposure, they found that, for every natural log increase in urinary enterolactone, the odds of asthma decreased by 8%.
Where BA denotes the average of percentage spread for equity i during the given period; DA represents the measure of earnings management; SDRET is the standard deviation of daily stock returns for the sample period; LNTV denotes the natural log of the average daily trading dollar volume for the sample period; LNCLP represents the natural log of the average closing stock price for the sample period; LNTR denotes the natural log of the average daily total number of trades for the sample period; LNMV is the natural log of the market value of the firm at the end of the sample period.
Our dependent variable is the first difference of the natural log of international reserves in constant dollars, which is a measure to the growth rate of real international reserves.