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Synonyms for sunlight



Synonyms for sunlight

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The dimension that cannot be objectively measured but felt, that is related with feelings and likings defines the aesthetical dimension of natural lighting.
These "tubular skylights" have state-of-the-art design and materials that provide exceptional natural lighting without the negatives many people have come to associate with skylights They capture sunlight on the rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft, and then diffuse it throughout the interior space.
The classic loft space, formerly an architectural office boasts 13-foot ceilings, large windows with abundant natural lighting, an epoxy floor and private bathroom.
Those complaints prompted Meadows to look into retrofitting the warehouse with natural lighting.
The signs "show all the recycled material and some of the things done to save energy, including natural lighting and how it takes place," says Principal Dale Fox.
Typically most of these projects employ dimmer switches for lighting, use passive solar energy technology and utilize natural lighting and ventilation wherever possible.
The savings from using natural lighting can be significant, depending, of course, on the time of year and the store's location.
While the sophisticated use of natural lighting at Washington State University's Student Recreation Center Natatorium greatly reduces the need for artificial lighting, it doesn't eliminate it altogether.
In Dallas, architect Betsy Pettit and engineer Joe Lstiburek designed a 12-house development, "Esperanza del Sol," with 1,270-square-foot, three-bedroom homes that maximize winter solar gain and natural lighting, shading and ventilation.