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a member or descendant of the indigenous Polynesian people who lived in the Hawaiian Islands

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We wanted to make it relevant to those in Hawaii so we changed case studies, images, and one whole unit to apply to Native Hawaiian organizations.
The relative acceptance of this 50-percent rule within the Native Hawaiian community has created division, becoming an obstacle in the Kanaka Maoli sovereignty movement.
conducted an exhaustive literature search and found only one program based on rural Native Hawaiian culture, which is in its early stages of development and evaluation (Kim, Withy, Jackson, & Sekaguchi, 2007).
According to results of the regression analyses, Native Hawaiian adolescents were significantly more likely than whites to report three of the six behaviors studied--ever having had intercourse (odds ratio, 1.
These studies were based on focus group data from 47 sixth- through eight-grade Native Hawaiian youths in five middle or intermediate schools from two Hawaiian Islands.
Japanese property mogul Genshiro Kawamoto has handed over three of his many multi-million- dollar homes in the most expensive neighbourhood of Oahu, Hawaii, to homeless and low-income native Hawaiian families.
In August 1997, four respected leaders of the native Hawaiian community and a professor of trust law publically accused the Bishop Estate's trustees with gross incompetence and severe trust abuse, to the point of being criminal, in a statement titled "Broken Trust".
In 1993, the centennial anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, a group of Native Hawaiian sovereignty activists gathered before an internationally recognized panel of experts on indigenous rights and international law to document the history of the Native Hawaiian people from their own perspective, to publicize the wrongs they allege were perpetrated against them by the U.
The Native Hawaiian Recognition Act, nicknamed the "Akaka Bill" after U.
There is a style of massage that uses hot rocks, says Keola Kawai'ula'iliahi Chan, one of three owners of Moku Ola, a Native Hawaiian healing center in Hawaii Kai.
The new database catalogs and provides links to print materials written in the following languages: Khmer, Chamorro, Chinese, Hawaiian, Hmong, Ilokano, Korean, Samoan, Tagalog, Tongan, and Vietnamese, as well as English-language materials culturally tailored for Native Hawaiian populations.
Sole Source 8(a) Awards to Small Business Concerns Owned by Native Hawaiian Organizations (DFARS Case 2004-D031)
Integrating Eastern and Western therapies with Native Hawaiian customs, Hawaii is consistently ranked as one of the healthiest places in the nation to live, as well as being a world center for travelers in search of a destination that blends astonishing natural beauty with attractions that nourish the mind, body, and spirit.
The program was once again expanded to include incentive payments for subcontracts awarded to Native Hawaiian small business concerns.
From Native Hawaiian, "Nalani Olds", "Ke Aloha O Ka Haku Lili uokalani's Prayer" to "Rock of Ages" sung in Oneida by Wolf Clan mothers Maisie Shenandoah and Liz Robert, the whole CD is a spiritual songfest
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