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a member or descendant of any of the aboriginal peoples of Alaska

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Black, Latino, Native American, and Native Alaskan students are three times more likely to attend schools with higher concentrations of first year teachers.
17) While different from American law, Native Alaskan culture (like that of other native peoples) has a concept of personal property and so at least an impicit theory and practice of property rights that historically has played a role in regulating economic activity.
7 million in 17 American Indian community projects in housing and economic development, and has made 224 community development loans totaling $781 million to Native Alaskan, tribal nations and Native American community organizations.
Also called Denali, a name taken from a native Alaskan language meaning "The Great One", the mountain is the highest in Alaska and North America.
Recycling of spirit forms, shamanic healing, communal festivals, and respect for all living things in places where activities are marked by the passing of the moon are part of Native Alaskan traditions, where the Tsimshian expression "Lootm Txa'nii Gyet" translates as "We respect all people.
It protects the calving area of the Western Arctic caribou herd and by doing so the caribou have a chance to return to their calving and insect relief grounds," explains Roy Ashenfelter, a native Alaskan and chair of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group--an interagency team that studies and works with the herd.
Burch definitely sticks his neck out with some provocative hypotheses: that fluctuation and emigration of native Alaskan populations vary according to caribou abundance; that novel historical caribou herds with unfamiliar calving grounds formerly existed; and that humans and wolves are the major drivers of caribou numbers and distribution.
1408) would reopen the ANCSA agreement, allowing Sealaska Corporation, a native Alaskan company, to select and receive titles to publicly owned lands--administered by the U.
BOSTON -- A small but concerning recent surge in cases of invasive infection with Haemophilus influenzae serotype a among Native Alaskan children appears to be an "'emerging" infection, reported epidemiologists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
and the effect it had on the Native Alaskan communities.
This March 1989 accident affected 1,200 miles of coastline and 15 Native Alaskan communities in Prince William Sound, Alaska (Davis, 2010).
The organization, translation, and introductory notes by editor Michael Oleska allow this material to be read like one continuous story, a story of courageous and highly effective evangelization of the native Alaskan population.
MANHATTAN-Western culture's grappling with homosexuality and alternate genders isn't strictly limited to the United States, but is also prevalent in many Native American and native Alaskan groups-or native nations.
James CookOs Turnagain Inlet in search of beluga whales, a Prince William Sound Glacier cruise, a full-day ride aboard the historic Alaska Railroad to Talkeetna, a guided, fly-out bear-watching tour, and a visit to Wildberry Park and Anchorage Museum, home of many Native Alaskan art and artifacts.
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