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Synonyms for nationalist


Synonyms for nationalist

one who loves and defends his or her country

an advocate of national independence of or a strong national government

devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others

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HYDERABAD -- Sindh Taraqi Pasand (STP) Chairperson Dr Qadir Magsi has called for a realignment in the nationalist politics in Sindh with insertion of the class struggle as one of the mainstays.
Shamsul Islam has lengthily quoted speeches, articles and pamphlets of Hindu nationalists in his book Revisiting the Legacy of Allah Bakhsh.
The nationalists -- split between those who seek greater autonomy and those who see full independence from France as the end-game -- emerged as Corsica's main political force for the first time in French regional elections in December 2015.
In the midst of the recent, fast-changing political and military developments and alignments in Asia and the Pacific, it is imperative on the part of the Filipino people to arm themselves with a strong, fervent and unwavering nationalist commitment as they pursue an independent foreign policy.
Critique: Nationalist Heroines examines why daily life in Puerto Rico under U.
However, Trump has run into trouble over ties to white nationalists before.
That is all fine and good but when it comes to defending our cities, lakes, parks, forests and seas, nationalists are nowhere to be seen.
Verhofstadt, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio, refused to comment on the participation of nationalists in the new Belgian government, saying that the matter involved home affairs.
one nation, come into conflict with nationalists of another, threatening violence which spreads more widely, still feeling fully justified.
Consequently, Baloch nationalists have unleashed a barrage of allegations against Pakistan by bloating the number of bodies found and declaring them to be those of "Missing Persons".
Muro shows how radical Basque nationalists utilise the collective memory of past wars such as the 19th century Carlist Wars and the Spanish Civil War to justify their use of violence in the post Franco period.
His party president Rajnath Singh also buttressed the point and took it further to say that Muslims are Muslim nationalists, Christians are Christian nationalists.
A 1998 peace deal largely ended more than three decades of violence in the British-controlled province between mainly Catholic Irish nationalists seeking union with Ireland and predominantly Protestant unionists who want to remain part of the United Kingdom.
Indian nationalists and myth-makers will not like this book's conclusions but they should read it and learn that a mature patriotism seeks to understand what really happened, not what the 'story line' says should have happened.
Using a wide array of Confederate periodicals, literary and religious paper, pamphlets, sermons, textbooks, educational literature, and the personal papers of Confederate nationalists, Bernath argues that, in the midst of an intense war in which they were at a great military disadvantage, Southern nationalists made impressive strides in defining and promoting their cultural independence.