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Synonyms for nationalization

the action of forming or becoming a nation

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the action of rendering national in character

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changing something from private to state ownership or control

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He has nationalised industries and raised spending on health and welfare since he took office in 1999, but says he needs more time to build what he calls "21st century socialism" in one of the principal oil suppliers to the United States.
Richard Jones has many years' experience within Industrial Sales--having spent the last 16 years as a Key Account Manager for Henkel Loctite--working extensively with the MoD, the railway sector and nationalised industries.
The Beeching Report was the fruit of a period of reform within Whitehall that clarified the nature of the relationship between ministers and the nationalised industries and based transport policy on the best estimate Whitehall could make of future needs.
Redwood would have sold off more nationalised industries and gifted sums of about pounds 8000 to every taxpayer in the form of share certificates for what we, "The People", already owned.
I mean, there are no nationalised industries to keep an eye on, Scotland and Wales can take care of themselves, councils seem to take care of business at a local level, and Brussels seems to call the shots.
Nationalised industries failing to compete would resultantly eliminate.
Where is the private investment from companies now that trade union power has been broken and nationalised industries privatised?
She argues the nationalisation of water, rail, energy and mail is an ideological throwback to a "bygone era", because nationalised industries do not work and Labour policies could lead us to bankruptcy.
The Establishment has been pursuing a policy to take back everything they were forced to concede in 1945 - the NHS, labour relations, the welfare state and nationalised industries are all up for grabs.
The deal will give US companies access to nationalised industries, the NHS, our schools and colleges, and we will see swathes of our tax contributions going abroad.
Over the last 65 years, in my case, a great deal of that time energy came from our nationalised industries, coal gas, electricity, oil and steel.
The decline of the NHS, of industry, the privatisation of our nationalised industries to other countries.
Unions have also succeeded in becoming a major political force, particularly within nationalised industries and the public sector.
There was to be no return to the nationalised industries.
She hated nationalised industries and I don't think she had much time for Scots either, as we kept on trying to vote the Tories out and we quite often got stuck with a Tory government.