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Synonyms for nationalization

the action of forming or becoming a nation

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the action of rendering national in character

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changing something from private to state ownership or control

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Margaret Thatcher tamed the unions, won back the Falkland Islands, privatised the inefficient nationalised industries, improved Britain's productivity and flexibility, contributed to the collapse of the old Soviet Union and won back the respect of the world.
Nationalised industries were privatised, union power was broken, professional closed shops were undermined, exchange controls lifted and a single European market would enable labour to move as freely as goods, services and investment.
The 'golden share' system was devised to give the Government a continuing stake even after nationalised industries are privatised, ensuring that undesirable takeovers deemed against the national interest can be vetoed.
Council housing - like many nationalised industries - were built in an era when everyone believed the country had bottomless pockets.
By contrast, these nationalised industries spent the next 40 years absorbing large amounts of taxpayers' money to susidise the losses that they made each year.
He stated that Mrs Thatcher's appearance in 10 Downing Street, sent shockwaves to the North East given her "decimation" of nationalised industries across the region.
That's simply because the old nationalised industries remained in the hands of the bosses, so were still run on the basis of planning for profit not for need.
Silly Clark likens them to subsidies to nationalised industries, axed by Rusty Lady Maggie Thatcher.
Mrs Thatcher sold off the nationalised industries in bargain-priced parcels to her supporters in the wealthiest section of the community.
Personally, I was never a fan of nationalised industries because of their inefficiency, due to lack of control; but this one should have been left alone, and now should not be further damaged by reducing its ability to trade efficiently.
Mr Smith was well known in journalism and industry circles and had two periods with The Financial Times, the first for three years up to 1973 when he specialised in transport and nationalised industries and then from 1975 until 1986.
You can see the change in the former nationalised industries.
WILL Coun Nick Kemp please enlighten me and your other readers which nationalised industries Mrs Thatcher, pictured, decimated in this region?
The railways, steel and car manufacturers were incredibly inefficient and people associated that with the fact they were nationalised industries.
The BBC is one of the few nationalised industries left.