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a region of eastern South Africa on the Indian Ocean

a port city in northeastern Brazil

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There is hardly a person in this room, white or black, whose natal signature I cannot produce, and not one of them can so disguise himself that I cannot pick him out from a multitude of his fellow creatures and unerringly identify him by his hands.
Now then," said Wilson, "I have here the natal autographs of the two children--thrown up to ten times the natural size by the pantograph, so that anyone who can see at all can tell the markings apart at a glance.
Here, thrown up ten sizes, are the natal autographs of the two persons who are here before you accused of murdering Judge Driscoll.
After spending a week in Cape Town, finding that they overcharged me at the hotel, and having seen everything there was to see, including the botanical gardens, which seem to me likely to confer a great benefit on the country, and the new Houses of Parliament, which I expect will do nothing of the sort, I determined to go back to Natal by the /Dunkeld/, then lying at the docks waiting for the /Edinburgh Castle/ due in from England.
The agent who forwarded me your letter told me that I might rely on it implicitly, as you were," he said, "well known and universally respected in Natal, and especially noted for your discretion.
The remainder may perhaps be applied to purposes equally valuable hereafter, or not impossibly may be worked up, so far as they go, into a regular history of Salem, should my veneration for the natal soil ever impel me to so pious a task.
While post natal depression in women is much better understood, in men, the condition needs more insight, say experts.
Construction of groundsmans workshop, mechanical workshops, mortuary, laundry, secondary gate house, plant room, demolishing and construction of new nursing home accommodation, construction of section of OPD, pharmacy, x-ray unit, casualty, patient admin, ante natal ward, labour ward, post-natal ward, neo natal ward, surgical ward, theatres, CSSD and kitchen.
The objective of this study was to determine the frequency, types of teeth present at the time of birth and reasons for extraction of natal and neonatal teeth in Pakistani neonates.
Foi feita uma analise descritiva dos diversos componentes da assistencia pre- natal segundo a idade gestacional no momento do parto.
Natal allegedly held the woman against her will and forcibly raped her and used a handgun to penetrate parts of her body.
Natal, the Brazilian host city of this year's 2014 World Cup, has issued a flood alert after it received a whopping amount of water from two days of non-stop rains.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Sha'ban 17, 1435, Jun 15, 2014, SPA -- Officials in the World Cup host city of Natal have declared a flood alert ahead of the U.
James Wright, of Luton, heading to Natal to watch Mexico v Cameroon before travelling to Manaus, said: "It's insane.
NATAL, Brazil Sun May 18, 2014(Reuters) - When Brazil drafted plans to host the upcoming World Cup, this Atlantic beach destination was exactly the type of city it wanted to show off.