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Lateral rhinotomy-6 (4.54%) performed in fibrous dysplasia-5 and Inverted Papilloma-1, Caldwell-Luc approach - 5 (3.78%) for maxillary mucocele 3 and nasoalveolar cyst 2.
Because the cyst does not involve the dental alveoli, the sometimes also encountered term nasoalveolar cyst is not recommended.
Pathology identified a benign cystic mass with chronic inflammation and squamous metaplasia, which were consistent with a nasoalveolar cyst.
Contribution of radigraphs to the diagnosis of nasoalveolar cyst. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol.
In the literature, the lesions are named as nasolabial cyst, nasoalveolar cyst and Klestadt's tumour [2] The lesion is sub mucosal and extraosseous, it expands via the gingivobuccal sulcus and expands all the soft-tissues outwards.
There were 4 cases (11%) of cyst, out of which nasolabial cyst constituted 3 cases (8.5%) and 1 case (3%) was nasoalveolar cyst which were managed with standard sublabial approach.