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United States educator (born in Canada) who invented the game of basketball (1861-1939)

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Before removal from the family has been justified, foster parents cannot have status to compete for the child and to argue "attachment" or "better resources[.] (107) If claims could be advanced as to the best interests of a child before this stage, Nasmith J believed that conflict between foster parents and the agency would become more "commonplace", (108) undermining "the principles of family integrity, rehabilitation or...
Nasmith, H., 1962, Late glacial history and surficial deposits of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia: British Columbia Dept.
Art by John Howe, Roger Garland, Alan Lee, and Ted Nasmith.
Nasmith said most countries with heritage laws provide funding to property owners.
Nasmith's observations are, at one level, both risible and offensive.
(1.) Nasmith JB, Pharand C, Dube B, Matteau S, LeBlanc AR, Nadeau R.
Nasmith, H.W., and Buck G.F., 1998, Engineering geology of the Greater Victoria area, British Columbia, in Karrow, P.F., and White O.L., eds., Urban Geology of Canadian Cities: Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper 42, p.
Armed with just her birth certificate, Mrs Evans discovered that her father, David Craigie Nasmith Duffy, was one of 13 children.
Crockat, Gavin Hamilton', Caledonian Mercury, 19 April 1736; 'Authentic Extract of the Proceedings in the trial of Captain John Porteous', published 25 March 1737; Witnesses James Nasmith; James Maxwell; William Douglas; all cited in Criminal trials illustrative of the tale entitled The Heart of Mid-Lothian, pp.
Artists taking part include Roger Garland, Ted Nasmith, Jef Murray, Peter Pracownik and Ruth Lacon.
The National Ballet of Canada has promoted Sonia Rodriguez to principal dancer, Stacey Shiori Minagawa to first soloist, and Stephanie Hutchison, Guillaume Cote, Matjash Mrozewski and Jeremy Nasmith to second soloists....
Nasmith, MD, a chemist and bacteriologist with the Ontario Board of Health from 1902 to 1909, together with Norman Howard, chief chemist for the city of Toronto water filtration plant, introduced water chlorination in 1909.
However, illustrator Anke Ei[ss]mann's 23 illustrations, seemingly influenced by Peter Jackson's images, are not likely to overshadow the work of Ted Nasmith, John Howe, the brothers Hildebrandt, and Tolkien's own depictions in The Hobbit and as collected and annotated in Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull's 1995 work J.R.R.
EVERTON: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Stones, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Mirallas, Nasmith, McGeady, Lukaku.
Mallory hoped that the purchase of a Nasmith hammer would rectify the deficiency at Norfolk.