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a consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed


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It could be classified as a glottal consonant, a nasal consonant, or any vowel.
Spanish has three nasal consonant phonemes, which are /m/, /n/ and /n/.
Table 7 below shows a comparison of nasal consonants between MP and ISP.
Table 7: The comparison of the nasal consonant between MP and ISP Nasal consonant MP *m *n *[?
In Athpahariya, all voiceless, unaspirated stops, glottal stop and nasal consonants can occur in the syllable final position.
A bilabial nasal consonant contrasts with a dental nasal consonant.
Mufwene (1985: 157) has claimed that nasal consonants before other consonants at the beginning of West African source words are not carried over into Gullah personal names.
In complementary distribution with plain voiced and plain nasal consonants, Ospina (2002) proposes an underlying system in which a series of biphasic (oral-nasal) consonants contr2sts with plain voiced and voiceless stops (we omit the two glottal phonemes/?
It must be in a neutral position to resonate nasal consonants like [m] and [n].
Chapter Six examines nasal consonants and resonator adjustment.
The throaty quality can, it is true, be combated by practicing on the nasal consonants [m] [n] [[?
holds up the best, followed by the nasal consonants * /[?
Candidate (b) locally spreads the harmonic feature, as now demanded by the sequential prohibition *OR-NAS; and candidate (c) spreads the feature from both a nasal vowel and a nasal consonant, fatally violating DEPPATH[nas].
In the third example a sequence of a consonant plus a glottal stop merges into a glottalized consonant, and in the fourth word a nasal consonant unspecified for place (=/N/) fuses with a following stop into a prenasalized stop.