Napoleonic Wars

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a series of wars fought between France (led by Napoleon Bonaparte) and alliances involving England and Prussia and Russia and Austria at different times

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There is insufficient emphasis, for example, on the perceived commercial significance of the Spanish colonies or of the supply of principally naval raw materials from the Baltic in the discussion of British strategy in the Napoleonic Wars. Similarly, one might give the desire to minimise casualties as much weight as lack of military skills in determining the technological dependence of Allied forces in north-west Europe in 1944-45.
The period begins with a decade of relative peace in the Mediterranean after the termination of the Seven Years' War, she says, and extends not just through the French Napoleonic Wars but into the turbulent decades that followed.
In this collection of 14 essays, military historians from the US and UK examine the history, development, and role of the chief of staff from the Napoleonic Wars through World War I.
..The man who has kept us enthralled through the Napoleonic Wars with Sharpe; the American Civil War; the English-French battles of medieval times; and even the days of King Arthur, has come up with a fantastic new hero fighting his way through English history.
Alnwick Castle Redcoats will be setting up camp for the whole weekend to offer an insight into life in a 19th century garrison during the Napoleonic Wars.
Wentworth returns from the Napoleonic Wars with prize money and the social acceptability of naval rank.
The Prussia that emerged from the Napoleonic Wars was too far removed from the united Germany that entered World War I.
War, the Hero and the Will: Hardy, Tolstoy and the Napoleonic Wars (reprint, 2015)
Which international congress held from 1814 to 1815 changed the face of Europe after the Napoleonic Wars? 7.
of Houston, Downtown) provide a military history of Spain since 1808, through nine chapters that cover the Napoleonic Wars, the loss of Spain's North American empire to the US, the military's activities in Morocco, and the Spanish Civil War and Franco regime.
A TRADITION dating back to the Napoleonic Wars was continued in a south Wirral town yesterday.
A TRADITION dating back to the Napoleonic Wars still flourishes in Wirral.
SOLDIERS took part in a re-enactment of conditions in the Napoleonic Wars yesterday.
Tora enters the hospital just as famine strikes as a consequence of the Napoleonic wars; there is little if any food or medical attention provided by the society to the lepers.