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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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This invocation of cultural and spiritual determinism contradicts Johnson's own claim that Napoleon is the grand refutation of determinist theories of history, as well as his argument that Napoleon's downfall traces to Britain's perseverance in hostility.
(Napoleon I, original name Napoleone Buonaparte; 1769 - 1821) Emperor of France (1804 - 15).
Born in 1808, he was raised in exile by his mother Hortense, daughter of the empress Josephine and wife of Napoleon I's brother Louis, the puppet king of Holland.
The third son of Louis Bonaparte, king of Holland, and Hortense Beauharnais, thus nephew of Napoleon I, Louis Napoleon was born in Paris but spent the early years of his career in exile (1815 - 30).
But he does give a compelling account of the Parisians doing it through the turbulent years between the downfall of Napoleon I and the rise and fall of his (supposed) nephew, Napoleon III.
Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, born in Paris in 1808, was both the nephew of Napoleon I and the grandson of the Empress Josephine.
His heir was Eugene de Beauharnais, so that the expected second son of Napoleon I could become King of Italy.
The south wing was rebuilt by Louis XV in 1738 and the west wing was destroyed by Napoleon I to give way to a gate which replaced the Gilded Gate as the main entrance to the palace.
The Age of Napoleon is scripted, precise, and relatively modest in its episode-to-episode ambitions.
Today, Napoleon is considered as a warmonger but in actuality some seven European coalitions were formed against him and it can be thought as reactionary choices to invade other countries.
Reading these accounts of racing armies, massive battles, life-changing legal codes, betrayals, massacres, and misery, you worry that the most fascinating thing about Napoleon is that he is so fascinating to so many.
4pm: Napoleon is stretched - his men are fighting on two sides of the battlefield.
"Napoleon is where the idea of the angry little man comes from, but I'm not that bad, although it really feels like I become him," he said.