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either of two phenols derived from naphthalene

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In this article, various chemicals like phenol, anisole, naphthols, benzoic acid, and phenol-like alcohols were employed as the MAO modifiers to tune the oligomerization activity and product distribution of the BIP-Fe catalyst.
As per our interest to develop better protocols for the synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic molecules, we would like to report the synthesis of a series of new 3,4-dihydro-3-substituted-2H-naphtho[2,1-e][1,3] oxazine derivatives using 2 naphthol, formalin and various anilines as substrates in presence of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate catalyst.
Thirty-three phenolic compounds, chiefly phenol, alkyl phenol, thymol, naphthol and alkyl naphthol, were identified in the concentrated product 2 by GC-MS, with the relative content of 87.57%.
Using quantitative measures, we investigated the contributions of dermal and inhalation exposure to JP-8 to urinary naphthols levels.
Due to a variety of applications of the described amidoalkyl naphthol compounds, and in continuation of our previous works on the synthesis of amido/thioamidoalkyl naphthols [58, 59], in this contribution, the catalytic activity of SA as an efficient and cost-effective organocatalyst has been explored for the synthesis of 1-amido/thioamidoalkyl-2-naphthols (4a-v) in MCR under SFRCs protocol (Scheme 1).
Types of pigments: Blues (phthalocyanine, triarylcarbonium), Greens (phthalocyanine, chronium), Iron Oxides, Reds (naphtol, quinacridone, BONA, triarylcarbonium, perylene, anthraquinone, benzimidazolone, DPP), Specialty Pigments (pearlescent), Yellow (monoazo, diarylide, isoindolinone, benzimidazolone, bisacetoacetarylide, quinophthalone, lead chromate), Orange (naphthol, disazopyrazolone, diarylide, benzimidazolone, perinone, azoheterocyclus, DPP), Dispersions (aqueous glycol/VOC/ amine free/surf actant based, aqueous glycol/surfactant based)
{[Msim]Cl} can catalyzed the synthesis of N-sulfonyl imines[14], and the preparation of 1-amidoalkyl-2- naphthols [15].
Stephens, "Condensation of naphthols with formaldehyde and primary amines," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.
Of phenolic compounds, eight were determined, including phenols, cresols, xylenols, trimethylphenols and naphthols. The low-temperature tar obtained at 550 [degrees]C by means of the GrayKing test was examined by Maria et al.
"Extensive developments are ongoing in the following areas: bismuth vanadate, quinacridone, indanthrone and naphthols," said Mr.
We conclude that urinary naphthalene and the naphthols can serve as biomarkers of exposure to jet fuel.
Types of pigments: Iron oxide (Transparent), Reds (Naphthols, Bona, B.
These cover major chemistries such as azos, benzimidazolones, perylenes, naphthols, quinacridones, DNA, toluidines, phthalos, anthraquinones, etc.
Types of pigments: Iron oxides (Transparent iron oxides yellow and red), Reds (Naphthols, Bona, Beta Naphthols, Benzimidazolone), Yellow and oranges (Bismuth Vanadates, Benzimidazolone, mono Azo, diarylide, Pyrazolone)
Pigments offered: Blacks (Carbons); Blues (Phthalos and Ultramarine); Greens (Phthalos); Iron Oxides (Red, Yellow, Black, Brown; transparent and opaque); Reds (Naphthols, DPPs, Bariums, and Toluidines); Yellows (Hansas Diarylides, Bismuth Vandates, and Benzimidazolone); Oranges (DNAs, Dianisidine, Diarylides); Whites (Titaniums); Violets (Quinacridones, Carbizoles, Methyls)