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any of various volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures

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The export of petroleum top Naphta also registered an increase of $57.1 million during the period under review as it increased from $15.1 million to $23.7 million.
Once completed, the refinery will produce diesel, naphta, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and jet fuel.
'With naptha prices low and oil prices relatively low, then Southeast Asia becomes more competitive with the US and other gas-based (naphta) crackers.
We hope that Duqm Refinery will act as an essential catalyst for different industrial sectors development as well as contributing to the economic and social development in the Sultanate in general and Al Wusta Governorate in particular." The refinery once completed will produce diesel, naphta, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and jet fuel.
Since it started production, the refinery has produced as of end-2015 a total of 153mn barrels of naphta, 106mn barrels of Kerojet, 43mn barrels of gasoil and 13mn barrels of LPG.
This is remindful of Hans Castorp from Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain being forced to choose between visions of the world offered to him on one side by Naphta, and by Settembrini on the other.
Major items of exports in September 2014 were recorded like cotton yarn (Rs17530 million) readymade garments (Rs16676 million) rice others (Rs8180 million) petroleum top naphta (Rs8102 million) towels (Rs7148 million) madeup articles (Rs5868 million) rice basmati (Rs5419 million) cotton cloth (Rs23249 million) knitwear (Rs22756 million) and bedwear (Rs20719 million).
In general it will reduce the prices of the naphta and LPG, which are used as raw materials for the petrochemical industry.
Naphta is added to high-octane gasoline to produce 92- and 80-octane gasoline to provide for the market's extra needs.
Situation qui n'a pas ete compensee par la bonne tenue des ventes a l'export (+44,4% a 1.166.007 tonnes), notamment de jet et de naphta. Au niveau de la balance commerciale, les importations de petrole brut ont totalise 29,06 milliards DH (-2,6%), pour 4.645,3 KT (+4,7%), alors que les exportations de produits raffines, en hausse de 27%, se montent a 7,8 milliards.
In Doctor Faustus, the theological lecturer Eberhard Schleppfuss wears a Jesuitical hat, which recalls the priestly order of the fanatical reactionary, Leo Naphta, in The Magic Mountain.