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United States linguist whose theory of generative grammar redefined the field of linguistics (born 1928)

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The second part focuses on Israeli and American collusion with contributions from Naom Chomsky, Stephen Zunes, Irene Gendzier.
Before this, Chomskian Abstract is a 42-minute video interview with the American academic and political dissident Naom Chomsky who, with Parker's side of the conversation edited out, gives a monologue on the generally distressing state of the world.
(2) Naom Chomsky, The Fateful Triangle; the United States, Israel, and The Palestinians (India Research Press, 2004).
A VIDEO and DVD featuring a talk by radical US writer Naom Chomsky, as part of last year's Writing on the Wall festival in Liverpool, has gone on sale.
This, the first major survey of her recent work for a decade, includes sculptures, installations and a video featuring the writer and philosopher Naom Chomsky in conversation.