Ryukyu Islands

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a chain of 55 islands in the western Pacific to the to the southwest of Japan (returned by United States to Japan in 1972)

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administered Nansei Shoto and other Ryukyu Islands until they were returned to Japan under the Okinawa Reversion Treaty which was signed on June 17, 1971 and entered into force on May 15, 1972.
The San Francisco Peace Treaty stipulates the US "as the sole administering authority" over "Nansei Shoto south of 29 degree north latitude (including the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Islands)" (1951, Article 3).
On 8 September 1951 the United States, Japan, and other countries signed the Treaty of Peace with Japan (San Francisco Peace Treaty), of which the third article made the United States the "sole administering authority" over the Nansei Shoto south of twenty-nine degrees north latitude, which included the Ryukyu and Daito Islands.
Article 3 gave the United States sole powers of administration of "Nansei Shoto south of 29 north latitude (including the Ryukyu and the Daito Islands).