Ryukyu Islands

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a chain of 55 islands in the western Pacific to the to the southwest of Japan (returned by United States to Japan in 1972)

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While official deployments have not been announced, reports indicate that the JGSDF plans to increase its total presence in the Nansei Islands, including Okinawa, by two thousand soldiers.
The guidelines are expected to de-emphasize the concern about a Russian invasion from the north, and instead will call for mobile units to move quickly to any spot where there's a threat, especially in wake of a North Korean attack or a naval clash with China around the southern Nansei Islands.
The season's 16th typhoon may then pass through the Chugoku or Shikoku region as it is expected to speed up and move eastward, the agency said, warning of heavy rain, strong wind and high waves in wide areas from the Nansei Islands to eastern Japan.
``At least we've got to sample a little of the local culture in Hishino, which is a modest-sized town with a fishing harbour on Tanega Shima, one of the Nansei Islands just off the south-western tip of Japan.
The average annual temperatures for eastern Japan were 0.4 C higher than normal, while the figures for the western Japan region and Nansei Islands in southwestern Japan were 0.5 C higher.
fossulatum) Nansei Islands 1991-1993 (Yamauchi & Ogata 1995 as M.
One senior uniformed officer said he thinks the deployment of the ground troops is not intended to deal with North Korea's rocket launch but to enhance the defense of the Nansei Islands.
The National Defense Program Guidelines describe China's military movements, such as its naval activities around Japan's southwestern Nansei Islands, as a ''matter of concern for the region and the international community.''
The National Defense Program Guidelines adopted in December express increased concerns about China's military rise and calls for a reorganization of Japanese troops to cut down on personnel in Hokkaido in the country's north and instead boost security around the Nansei Islands in Okinawa Prefecture in the country's southwest, much nearer China and Taiwan.